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  1. Ulrike

    6 months ago  

    We made the 10 Day Family Adventure Tour in July 2019 with Marcus and Steve.
    It was fantastic and a great fun for kids and adults! The daily tours were just right – not too long for the children. We saw absolute amazing places and many many animals. Marcus and Steve were perfect guides. Thank you so much for these great holidays in Namibia!

  2. Deborah

    7 months ago  

    Did a 2D1N Eastern Kalahari and Bushmen camping tour with Peter-Hain. It was the most amazing experience. Peter-Hain is well-versed in his knowledge of the local community and his selfless belief in doing good for the people is commendable. Highly recommended. Good job Peter-Hain 😀

  3. Esther

    9 months ago  

    We did the Windhoek City Tour with Martin. It was great to learn that much about the history of Windhoek and Namibia. Martin did a really good job explainig everything. We definitly recommend this tour.

  4. Benedetta Buliani

    10 months ago  

    Wonderful experience on 7 days South trip…from the Kalahari to the Dunes of Sossusvlei passing through Fish River canyon and Luderitz.
    Magic was shared with our International travel mates making the whole trip really funny…at the end we became a group of friends…the magical journey was lead by George (thanks you are the top guide explaining us everything about Namibia…animals, geology and people) assisted by Erastus (still missing your dishes-butternut, chicken cutlet and whatever you was preparing).
    Hope to see you again soon in Namibia!
    Benny and Daniela

  5. Claire Cavaleri

    1 year ago  

    Just back from a life-changing Delta & Dunes tour with Gabriel and Joseph, and still trying to adjust to being back in Norway and not sleeping in a tent.
    Absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, and while Namibia (and Botswana) of course makes plenty of its own magic without any help, Wild Dog really deserves huge credit for making their tours into the experience of the lifetime.

    It’s all about the people, the personal touches, the humor, and the sense of friendship that gets created along the way. By the end, whenever I heard someone talk about “guides” or “clients” I got confused, because I just felt like we were a big group of friends. That says so much about Wild Dog and the sense of intimacy that they manage to convey, while still providing exceptional and professional guiding service (and top-notch food! I can’t thank Joseph enough for his Michelin-star vegetarian cuisine!)

    I absolutely intend to come back and I absolutely would use Wild Dog again.
    Love love LOVE you guys!!!

  6. Harald Krenn

    2 years ago  

    I have a great camping safari in November! And I would like to thank Milna who is a great safari guide. He showed my so many birds and mammals; it was incredible! I had one of my best birding days in Etosha NP.

  7. Florent

    2 years ago  

    Hello rest of the World !

    We just come back from a 3 weeks tour (August 2018) organized by Wilddogs Safari and their consultant Elsie.

    What an amazing one !
    A huge thanks to Elsie, always available to manage everything you need – flight delays, luggages lost, last minute lodge changes, car issues… and advices about thinks to do. Thanks Elsie, you are a wonderful person, we will never forget you, and I assume you will never forget our beautiful French family 😉 !

    Our tour was really fine tuned for us, mixing camping and lodges, always well located, with lovely people.

    Namibia is so amazing, beautiful, a great place to travel or live ! Landscapes, animals, wine (yes Namibian wine), food (oryx-koudou-beef steaks, oysters, crayfish…) , a great way of life.

    We ❤️ Namibia and Wilddogs !
    See you soon.

  8. Fin

    2 years ago  

    We had a great time! Thanks for all the fun. 🙂

  9. Annelies

    3 years ago  

    I just got back from my 6 Day Dunes and Culture Bushmen Camping Tour.
    At the first 3 days I saw the Dunes located in that special landscape around which seemed to be otherworldly. But specially the second part of this tour was an incredible experience to me! Woww! It was so impressive to meet the bushmen in their real wo Hi rld, in the middle of nowhere were they are living. I’m so happy about that! The atmosphere around the fire at the evening was fascinating! I had the chance and plenty of time to get in contact with lovely people and to learn a lot about their culture by experience.
    Charles was a great guide, I really enjoyed the trip with him! He is very kind, caring, knowledgeable and smart. He made the journey very pleasant all the way, he is doing a perfect job, 100 percent.

  10. Silke David

    3 years ago  

    Just returned from the 7 Day Northern camping trip with Milner and Mathew.
    What a brilliant time we had! Milner is such a skilled driver and his knowledge and enthusiasm is exemplary. I liked how much free time we had on this trip in the afternoons to relax and explore our WONDERFUL campsites. We were lucky to have some great animal sightings and the weather was ideal. The meals were delicious.
    We were so well looked after, and Milner really helped to bring the group together. I have been on a trip with him before and he is such an asset to Wild Dog Safaris.
    I would have loved to spend more time in Swapokmund, but I will come back anyway. The last night being in a hotel in Swapokmund was such a treat after having to battle with the tent hooks each day! But camping is a special experience and it helped bring the group together.
    Next time I want to book a self drive so I can explore the places we have been to in my own time.

  11. Loek

    3 years ago  

    Last week I did the 3 day Sossusvlei tour with Wilddogs. It was amazing! The guides are very professional and know a lot about Namibia. Also the food was very good and even for vegetarians there is enough choice!

    Do not hesitate and book your tour at Wilddogs!

  12. Laura

    3 years ago  

    We did the 7 days Northern Adventure Camping Tour . It was a great time with wonderful wildlife sightings in Etosha, perfect campsites, some of them in the middle of nowhere, desert elephants, and the impressive Damaraland scenery. Thanks to the best, caring, knowledgeable guides Ian, Alpha, Manfred & Frans for this amazing trip. There is nothing like Namibia! It was a fabulous experience we will never forget.

  13. Carlo

    3 years ago  

    Had a great time on the 7 days southern tour. Our guide Mannie was fantastic: friendly, knowledgeable and a good laugh. The fish river canyon at sunrise, the ghost town of Kolmanskop and climbing Dune 45 and Big Daddy were the unmissable highlights. Highly recommended!!!

  14. Theodora

    4 years ago  

    We had a wonderful accomodated tour with Ian, he guided us kindly, we got to know much about animals, birds, geology, history and politics, we saw a lot of animals because of his great experience and all was perfectly organized. Namibia is a beautiful country with friendly people!

  15. Sam Esler

    4 years ago  

    Went on the 9 day delta and Vic falls safari. We had Elias and Mathew as our guides, with Mathew doing the catering, a task he performed admirably. Both Elias and Mathew were a pleasure to travel with, and I have no qualms whatsoever in thoroughly recommending Wild dog as a excellent company to do a Safari with. Namibia is a very beautiful country, prosperous and forward thinking, long may it stay that way

  16. John and Sue Beard

    4 years ago  

    We have just completed a 19 day combination tour with Wild Dogs and it’s highly regarded reputation as a professional company did not disappointed us. We camped for the first two trips to Sosusvlei and The Northern tour and found the experience excellent. We stayed in some rustic but beautiful camp sites and enjoyed being close to nature. Our upgrade to lodges for the Delta tour was a real treat as the lodges were surpringly different in character each time from posh tents to luxury rooms.
    We had wonderful sightings of all the wild animals and are going home with. 1300 pictures to edit, oh boy will that be fun! The landscape was forever changing so we were never bored.
    Our first dealings by email were with Memory who did a great job planning our upgrades and always answered our emails promptly.
    Elias and Willem were our guides and they are legends with so much interesting information to tell us about their land, people and animals. We were totally relaxed with their driving and loved their sense of humour and stories. Matthew and Cliopas were our support staff and turned out the most amazing food every day. They were delightful, happy characters who added great value too.
    Lastly, our travelling companions of whom we met 38 from all walks of life and countries. It was a pleasure to chat, share experiences and make new friends.
    Thanks Wild Dog Safari team for an amazing adventure you shared with us ……keep running with the dog.

  17. Michael Auger

    4 years ago  

    My wife and I took the 7 day/camping northern Safari. July 2015
    From the very start of our tour it was incredibly obvious how organized and professional Wild Dog Safaris were. We were picked up from our lodging
    And taken to the Wild Dog Safari’s headquarters, where I was given a tour of the facilities and operations (very impressive!).
    We were then introduced to our guides Elias Kahuadi and his assistant Joseph, who did all the cooking for us during the Safari. I have to say we were highly impressed with his cooking. My wife and I are vegetarians and were amazed at how well we were accommodated.
    Elias and Joseph are two of the most wonderful warm-hearted people you could meet.
    As the tour started we were made to feel completely @ home with Elias’s wonderful sense of humor, and an obvious incredible knowledge of the land, people, and animals of Namibia.
    The campsites were fantastic and the tents were put up in no time, giving us time to relax, have a great dinner and talk about the day’s sights and adventures, and get to know our travel companions (who were all wonderful)
    During our adventure we saw endless wild life; leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, elephants,
    Zebras, lions, hyenas, jackals…. and of course…warthogs!
    There was obviously a lot of driving on the Safari, and have to say how relaxed and safe we always felt with Elias’s great driving.
    To wrap it up, it was an absolutely incredible experience. We always felt relaxed and very safe and well looked after.
    Thank you to Wild Dog Safaris, and especially Elias and Joseph for the most memorable experience of a lifetime!!!
    Michael Auger & Karen Potter (Vancouver, Canada)

    We can’t praise Wild Dog enough for an absolutely amazing experience!!

  18. Andi & Uwe

    5 years ago  

    An sensationell safari or as our Guide Elias always said —- peeeeerfect —–

    15 Tage Delta & Dunes Camping in Botswana and Namibia on Nov. 2015 was an unforgetable Journey.

    The organisation of the safari was very good, starting with the backoffice, through to the local guides in the Delta.
    For examble, a luggage from a tour guest did not arreived until the tourstart. But the wilddog -backoffice and the airline organized that the luggage get carried to a handover point on our route.
    Also a tire failure and a failure with the truck battery couldn´t ruffle nobody and the problems were fixed in a jiffy.
    I don´t know if it´s possible to have a better guide like Elias. Absolut professional apperance, proficient in many fields and his entertainment-qualitys are on a high level.

    At the beginning of the tour my wife and me was a little scared to die of starvation because we are vegetarians. But far from it, Steven our cook and assistant did an excellent job and his vetetarian food taste very delicious. I guess the meat- eaters were almost a little envious :-).

    Also within the group (7 persons from AUS, CH, NL, D) everythink was perfect.

    thank you Wilddog- Office- team
    thank you Elias,
    thank you Steven,

    We are sure, we will run again with the dog.

    Andi & Uwe
    Zirndorf, Germany

  19. Lynn Crawford

    5 years ago  

    19-day privately guided trip in June 2014

    Ian was my guide who did a wonderful job. From deserts to wildlife I was impressed with everything I was able to see and experience and I was impressed with Wild Dog Safari’s expertise and attentiveness.

    It is possible to go to Namibia solo and not self-drive. I had been looking to do that for a long time and Wild Dog helped make it possible.

    I stayed at a variety of lodgings and did not camp.

    Everything was great.

    I did a whole big report with photos.


    I had not seen this guest site earlier but found it now that I am looking to return to Namibia with Wild Dog Safaris.

  20. Mark Braithwaite

    5 years ago  

    This tour incorporated 3 days in Etosha National Park and 3 days in Sossusvlei (the desert region). From start to finish the entire tour was exquisitely organised.

    We were collected from our hotel (which they helped us book) and introduced to our tour guides ( Milner and Ruben – two of the nicest guys you will ever meet)

    Our tour group’s demographic varied greatly but we all got on like a house on fire.
    The Etosha part of our tour consisted of game drives and camping – we got to see loads of animals including a pride of 20 lion, fighting Rhinos and pronking Springbok.
    The campsites were very well equipped and comfortable – the guides had us erecting the tents in under 5 minutes! The standard of the cooking blew us away especially since Ruben was working off a campfire.Milner’s spirited commentary kept us amused and interested throughout even the long drives.

    For the Sossusvlei leg we opted for the lodge accommodation (Dune Lodge) and it was one of the most beautiful places we have ever stayed although if we are honest, Ruben’s cooking was superior! The dunes have to be seen to be believed – some of the most exhilarating sights you will ever see. Running down Dune 45 at sunrise will make you feel like a kid and leave you smiling from ear to ear for the rest of the day.

    A word of warning, the desert gets really cold at night and the early mornings so do pack a jumper.

    If you are planning a trip in Namibia, I would highly recommend “running with the Wild Dogs!!” Brilliant tour operator and fantastic team.

  21. Peter

    5 years ago  

    Just completed my second self-drive accommodated tour of Namibia with Wild Dog and it was fabulous! The arrangements were flawless, the hotels perfect, and Namibia really showed off! In four days in Etosha we saw lion, cheetah, leopard, two spp rhino, two spp hyena, loads of elephants, giraffes, and thousands of other game. There is nothing like Namibia and Wild Dog makes it affordable and easy.

  22. Daniela

    5 years ago  

    My personal experience with wild dog safaris (3 days in Etosha, 3 days in the desert) was great ! Really nice guide, good locations good equipment and tasty food. Nice vibe within the small group too. Etosha and the Desert are incredibly beautiful. Special thanks to Markus our guide !

  23. Stuart Young

    5 years ago  

    September 2014 was a great time with the Wild Dog crew!
    The southern sand dunes were spectacular and the team drove well and looked after us like we were royalty.
    Then “tomorrow is another day..” and the Vic. Falls trip went off even better. All needs were well cared for and again, the driving and cooking were extremely good – shame about the “restaurant” in Livingstone, Milner!
    Milner and Erastus both went out of their way to ensure everyone got the most out of the whole trip. Thanks and well done, guys.
    With Wild Dog, a fabulous time is assured and to quote Milner, “anything is possible.. ”
    Stuart Young

  24. Rob Hagarty

    5 years ago  

    My wife and I took the 10 day Namabian Explorer. Prior to arriving we ran into challenges and arrived a day late. The staff at Wild Dog took this in stride and we were able to accommodate us none the less.
    The experience of visiting Etosha, Sossulevei and Swakopmund were truly awesome, it was beyond our expectations. The tour guides and staff also were a huge part of this wonderful experience.
    Since arriving home we have recommended Wild Dog to our family and friends. We are definitely going to return.
    Thank you!
    Rob and Guylaine

  25. Marc Duenser

    6 years ago  

    I just finished a 6 day tailored tour around Namibia with Wilddog Safaris and I am extremely content with the way everything went down.

    We went to Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, and Etosha and despite the long drives it was nothing short of amazing. The organization was overall very good and the trip relatively affordable considering I was alone with a guide and a car.

    Regarding the guide, I can only add to what others have said before: Ian Brown is most probably the best guide around in Namibia. His knowledge of plants, animals, birds, geology, culture, history and all sorts of other things is absolutely astonishing. Not to mention his eyes. It seems to me he can distinguish eye colors of zebras 4 kilometers away, and spots even the smallest bird or lizard or lion while I was just wondering if that pile of elephant dung might look like a cheetah or not…

    He knows the parks inside out and his attitude is always polite, curious, and just overall pleasant. It’s easy to see that he really cares for the nature and the preservation thereof and he is able to give great insight into why things are how they are. I can HIGHLY recommend him, and I will come back to see the rest of this most wonderful country.=

  26. Babette

    6 years ago  

    My 7 Day Northern and 9 Day Delta and Vic Falls trips were the best introductions to Namibia (and Botswana) I could have asked for!

    Marcus and Abi (7 Day North) and Ian and Job (9 Day Delta) were wonderful guides who took great care of us, were very well-informed about the country and made the tours very enjoyable. The tours made Namibia very accessible: as a 25 year old female travelling on my own to Africa for the first time, it was a great way to see a lot of territory without feeling rushed, or having to join a big tour bus group. I felt very safe during the trips, and would recommend their tours to friends and family.

    The variety of people of a range of ages I met on the tours were great too and certainly added to the enjoyment of the trips.

    I also found it a very affordable way to go on safari (especially Botswana), and the Wild Dog trucks are well designed for this purpose with large windows that open and powerpoints in the bus.

    A really great experience on both tours, I’d highly recommend them and book with them again in the future. Thank you to the Wild Dogs team again for making me fall in love with Namibia!

  27. Patrick Shilling

    6 years ago  

    I have just returned from the 9 Day Delta and Vic Falls safari with Wild Dog. It was definitely a dream come true trip with regards to sights, sounds and being looked after by our guides, Ian and Matthew. I am still in dreamland after visiting Chobe National Park, Okovango and Vic Falls. At times it felt like a lot of driving…but no more than stated in the schedule…Africa is big after all, but we were rewarded far and above than I could have ever expected. We were even lucky enough to come across a pride of lions eating an elephant they just pulled down, only 20 metres or so from our vehicle. I took this safari as I wanted to see as much as possible on this visit. Our guide Ian was totally amazing and had so much knowledge of the flora and fauna…and I mean SO MUCH!! He was an exceptional guide and could not have been any more helpful if he tried. Matthew was amazing too and made wonderful dinners by the fire that were really tasty and made us all feel pretty full and content. As a first introduction to this region, I highly recommend this trip and also Wild Dog. I had not heard of them before, but I will almost certainly be using them again next year. I could not have been happier!

  28. Lyn Brandon-Podd

    6 years ago  

    I have been left with so many wonderful and enchanting memories. There were so many magnificent sights, scenes and moments. Capturing photographs was important, but feeding the soul with the beauty, ruggedness, vastness and beautiful light of the desert, canyons, sunsets, sunrises was the most amazing emotion to experience. Thank you to our wonderful and hospitable guides Lesley, Ruben, Phillip, Ndihaya. They made the journey very pleasant all the way. I shall certainly be booking my next adventure with you, which will be Botswana and Zambia – you have a very happy client in me!
    Lyn Brandon-Podd Cape Town South Africa

  29. Susan

    6 years ago  

    Louise organised a fantastic trip for (6 day taste of Namibia) us. We had to rearrange our trip due to a death in the family. She managed to get everything we wanted, in high season, at about 2 weeks notice. The documentation was great with things to do along the way. Thank you so much. We will be visiting Namibia again as we fell in love with it.

  30. Barbara

    6 years ago  

    Marion Bause organized a custom-tour for a party of three that began at the north gate of Etosha National Park and ended a week later at Deadvlei at the Sossusvlei Dunes. Our guide and driver was Ian Brown whose knowledge of Namibian wildlife is exceeded only by his competence, courtesy, and curiosity. Marion’s bookings were excellent, the itinerary was jam-packed and thoroughly captivating, and the creature comforts at the lodges were always a happy retreat. Thank you to Wild Dog Safaris for a fantastic introduction to Namibia, a true treasure for visitors to Southern Africa.

  31. Neal

    6 years ago  

    I did a lot of camping when I was a kid and endurance cycling when I was older, but I’m now 61. I signed up for a 14-day July safari back in April. Although in excellent health, I was briefly hospitalized with a serious illness (MERS) in May, just six weeks before I was to leave for Namibia. So, for me, this trip wasn’t just a scenic vacation, but also became a test of will and endurance, just like cycling!

    To say that Namibia is stunningly beautiful would be The Understatement of the Year, so, if you’re even thinking of doing this, my advice is to follow Nike’s motto and “Just Do It.” You’ll really be glad you did 🙂

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