When is the best time to visit Namibia?

Every season in Namibia has something special to offer and makes Namibia one of the few year round destinations in the world.

Summer is generally from October to May and during this time you can expect warm and sunny days.  Average summer temperatures ranges from 15 degrees in the mornings and evenings and during the day around 35Degrees Celcuis.  This time is also what we would consider our rainy season.  However rain comes in short periods and sometimes with days / months in between the next rainfall.  We in Namibia love our rain, and we love this time of the year.  After a few good thundershowers, the normally dry and yellow landscape changes into lush green and is a beautiful time of the year to visit Namibia.

Autumn – we have a very short autumn in Namibia and the transition between Summer and Winter is normally not as visible as in Europe.  June would be considered our Autumn month, as the temperatures then changes to the early 20 Degree Celcuis during the day.  Some colder days can be expected.

Winter – July, August –  During the winter we have lots of sunshine, and morning / evening temperatures can fall well below 10degree Celcuis.  The days generally do warm up to around 15 – 22 Degree Celcuis, making our winter quite pleasant.

Spring – September is what we consider Spring.  This is when the cold is over and although sometimes there is a cold day here or there, its quite a pleasant month for travelling, as the temperatures rarely go above 30degrees Celcuis.

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