What should I pack for Namibia?

You can expect hot, wet summers and cooler, dry winters in Namibia. Generally the days can be quite hot and the evenings and early mornings can be remarkably cool.

  • Comfortable, lightweight clothing  for the daytime and a sweater or jacket for early mornings and evenings.
  • Comfortable walking shoes and sandals.
  • Protection against the sun – sunblock, hat, sunglasses, lip balm and moisturising lotion.
  • Flashlight (headlamp), binoculars and a good camera with extra film or memory card.
  • For electrical small appliances or chargers a conversion plug to a three-pin type outlet.
  • Swimsuit as most lodges and hotels have swimming pools.
  • Insect repellent, rehydrating solutions or concentrates, diarrhoea medication, malaria prophylaxis (if traveling in malaria areas), bandages, etc.
  • Warm jersey or fleece plus anorak or parka,Scarf, gloves and beanies/woollen hats for the cold winter months.
  • Headlamp – Especially when going on the camping safaris
  • Some flip flops that can be used when showering at Campsites
  • Pillow – Although we provide comfortable camping mattresses and sleeping bags at extra costs, we do not provide pillows on our camping safaris.  We advise bring along a small travelling pillow to make your sleeping even more comfortable.
  • A 2 Litre Water Bottle. – Namibia is quite dry and during the hot summer months we recommend drinking alot of water to prevent dehydration. Therefore always keep water with you and make sure you stay hydrated.

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