Horse Riding Namibia

the countryside on the back of a horse


These rides are suitable for children and beginners, however, if you are more experienced and would prefer a longer or faster route then please ask as this can be arranged for you.

The riding horses are free roaming, within an area of 6000 hectares, so a day’s notice is required. The horses are roughly 60% Arab, and 40% local mix, are obedient and friendly, sure-footed and strong.  The style of riding is English but with some western saddles for those who prefer, and the trails are long established, well-trodden routes with plenty of time to take in the beautiful local scenery.

Of course the absence of a car engine also allows for a more peaceful journey, and the opportunity to get a little closer to the wildlife. If you would like to stop and take photographs of either the animals or the countryside, just ask the guide who will be happy to oblige.

  • Duration of tour: 1 – 6 hours
  • Included: transfers to and from the Lodge plus horse riding

Tour dates

Tour dates on request


Price per person starting from $540

minimum 2 people 1 Hour Rides - $500.00 per person 2 Hour Rides - $ 700.00 per person Sundowner Rides - $ 800.00 per person Picnic Day Rides - $ 1100.00 per person All riders will be required to wear a riding helmet and sign an indemnity form prior to riding.


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