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  1. Lynn Crawford says:

    19-day privately guided trip in June 2014

    Ian was my guide who did a wonderful job. From deserts to wildlife I was impressed with everything I was able to see and experience and I was impressed with Wild Dog Safari’s expertise and attentiveness.

    It is possible to go to Namibia solo and not self-drive. I had been looking to do that for a long time and Wild Dog helped make it possible.

    I stayed at a variety of lodgings and did not camp.

    Everything was great.

    I did a whole big report with photos.

    I had not seen this guest site earlier but found it now that I am looking to return to Namibia with Wild Dog Safaris.

  2. Mark Braithwaite says:

    This tour incorporated 3 days in Etosha National Park and 3 days in Sossusvlei (the desert region). From start to finish the entire tour was exquisitely organised.

    We were collected from our hotel (which they helped us book) and introduced to our tour guides ( Milner and Ruben – two of the nicest guys you will ever meet)

    Our tour group’s demographic varied greatly but we all got on like a house on fire.
    The Etosha part of our tour consisted of game drives and camping – we got to see loads of animals including a pride of 20 lion, fighting Rhinos and pronking Springbok.
    The campsites were very well equipped and comfortable – the guides had us erecting the tents in under 5 minutes! The standard of the cooking blew us away especially since Ruben was working off a campfire.Milner’s spirited commentary kept us amused and interested throughout even the long drives.

    For the Sossusvlei leg we opted for the lodge accommodation (Dune Lodge) and it was one of the most beautiful places we have ever stayed although if we are honest, Ruben’s cooking was superior! The dunes have to be seen to be believed – some of the most exhilarating sights you will ever see. Running down Dune 45 at sunrise will make you feel like a kid and leave you smiling from ear to ear for the rest of the day.

    A word of warning, the desert gets really cold at night and the early mornings so do pack a jumper.

    If you are planning a trip in Namibia, I would highly recommend “running with the Wild Dogs!!” Brilliant tour operator and fantastic team.

  3. Peter says:

    Just completed my second self-drive accommodated tour of Namibia with Wild Dog and it was fabulous! The arrangements were flawless, the hotels perfect, and Namibia really showed off! In four days in Etosha we saw lion, cheetah, leopard, two spp rhino, two spp hyena, loads of elephants, giraffes, and thousands of other game. There is nothing like Namibia and Wild Dog makes it affordable and easy.

  4. Daniela says:

    My personal experience with wild dog safaris (3 days in Etosha, 3 days in the desert) was great ! Really nice guide, good locations good equipment and tasty food. Nice vibe within the small group too. Etosha and the Desert are incredibly beautiful. Special thanks to Markus our guide !

  5. Stuart Young says:

    September 2014 was a great time with the Wild Dog crew!
    The southern sand dunes were spectacular and the team drove well and looked after us like we were royalty.
    Then “tomorrow is another day..” and the Vic. Falls trip went off even better. All needs were well cared for and again, the driving and cooking were extremely good – shame about the “restaurant” in Livingstone, Milner!
    Milner and Erastus both went out of their way to ensure everyone got the most out of the whole trip. Thanks and well done, guys.
    With Wild Dog, a fabulous time is assured and to quote Milner, “anything is possible.. ”
    Stuart Young

  6. Rob Hagarty says:

    My wife and I took the 10 day Namabian Explorer. Prior to arriving we ran into challenges and arrived a day late. The staff at Wild Dog took this in stride and we were able to accommodate us none the less.
    The experience of visiting Etosha, Sossulevei and Swakopmund were truly awesome, it was beyond our expectations. The tour guides and staff also were a huge part of this wonderful experience.
    Since arriving home we have recommended Wild Dog to our family and friends. We are definitely going to return.
    Thank you!
    Rob and Guylaine

  7. Marc Duenser says:

    I just finished a 6 day tailored tour around Namibia with Wilddog Safaris and I am extremely content with the way everything went down.

    We went to Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, and Etosha and despite the long drives it was nothing short of amazing. The organization was overall very good and the trip relatively affordable considering I was alone with a guide and a car.

    Regarding the guide, I can only add to what others have said before: Ian Brown is most probably the best guide around in Namibia. His knowledge of plants, animals, birds, geology, culture, history and all sorts of other things is absolutely astonishing. Not to mention his eyes. It seems to me he can distinguish eye colors of zebras 4 kilometers away, and spots even the smallest bird or lizard or lion while I was just wondering if that pile of elephant dung might look like a cheetah or not…

    He knows the parks inside out and his attitude is always polite, curious, and just overall pleasant. It’s easy to see that he really cares for the nature and the preservation thereof and he is able to give great insight into why things are how they are. I can HIGHLY recommend him, and I will come back to see the rest of this most wonderful country.=

  8. Babette says:

    My 7 Day Northern and 9 Day Delta and Vic Falls trips were the best introductions to Namibia (and Botswana) I could have asked for!

    Marcus and Abi (7 Day North) and Ian and Job (9 Day Delta) were wonderful guides who took great care of us, were very well-informed about the country and made the tours very enjoyable. The tours made Namibia very accessible: as a 25 year old female travelling on my own to Africa for the first time, it was a great way to see a lot of territory without feeling rushed, or having to join a big tour bus group. I felt very safe during the trips, and would recommend their tours to friends and family.

    The variety of people of a range of ages I met on the tours were great too and certainly added to the enjoyment of the trips.

    I also found it a very affordable way to go on safari (especially Botswana), and the Wild Dog trucks are well designed for this purpose with large windows that open and powerpoints in the bus.

    A really great experience on both tours, I’d highly recommend them and book with them again in the future. Thank you to the Wild Dogs team again for making me fall in love with Namibia!

  9. Patrick Shilling says:

    I have just returned from the 9 Day Delta and Vic Falls safari with Wild Dog. It was definitely a dream come true trip with regards to sights, sounds and being looked after by our guides, Ian and Matthew. I am still in dreamland after visiting Chobe National Park, Okovango and Vic Falls. At times it felt like a lot of driving…but no more than stated in the schedule…Africa is big after all, but we were rewarded far and above than I could have ever expected. We were even lucky enough to come across a pride of lions eating an elephant they just pulled down, only 20 metres or so from our vehicle. I took this safari as I wanted to see as much as possible on this visit. Our guide Ian was totally amazing and had so much knowledge of the flora and fauna…and I mean SO MUCH!! He was an exceptional guide and could not have been any more helpful if he tried. Matthew was amazing too and made wonderful dinners by the fire that were really tasty and made us all feel pretty full and content. As a first introduction to this region, I highly recommend this trip and also Wild Dog. I had not heard of them before, but I will almost certainly be using them again next year. I could not have been happier!

  10. Lyn Brandon-Podd says:

    I have been left with so many wonderful and enchanting memories. There were so many magnificent sights, scenes and moments. Capturing photographs was important, but feeding the soul with the beauty, ruggedness, vastness and beautiful light of the desert, canyons, sunsets, sunrises was the most amazing emotion to experience. Thank you to our wonderful and hospitable guides Lesley, Ruben, Phillip, Ndihaya. They made the journey very pleasant all the way. I shall certainly be booking my next adventure with you, which will be Botswana and Zambia – you have a very happy client in me!
    Lyn Brandon-Podd Cape Town South Africa

  11. Susan says:

    Louise organised a fantastic trip for (6 day taste of Namibia) us. We had to rearrange our trip due to a death in the family. She managed to get everything we wanted, in high season, at about 2 weeks notice. The documentation was great with things to do along the way. Thank you so much. We will be visiting Namibia again as we fell in love with it.

  12. Barbara says:

    Marion Bause organized a custom-tour for a party of three that began at the north gate of Etosha National Park and ended a week later at Deadvlei at the Sossusvlei Dunes. Our guide and driver was Ian Brown whose knowledge of Namibian wildlife is exceeded only by his competence, courtesy, and curiosity. Marion’s bookings were excellent, the itinerary was jam-packed and thoroughly captivating, and the creature comforts at the lodges were always a happy retreat. Thank you to Wild Dog Safaris for a fantastic introduction to Namibia, a true treasure for visitors to Southern Africa.

  13. Neal says:

    I did a lot of camping when I was a kid and endurance cycling when I was older, but I’m now 61. I signed up for a 14-day July safari back in April. Although in excellent health, I was briefly hospitalized with a serious illness (MERS) in May, just six weeks before I was to leave for Namibia. So, for me, this trip wasn’t just a scenic vacation, but also became a test of will and endurance, just like cycling!

    To say that Namibia is stunningly beautiful would be The Understatement of the Year, so, if you’re even thinking of doing this, my advice is to follow Nike’s motto and “Just Do It.” You’ll really be glad you did :-)

  14. Stefanie says:

    Finally I find the time to write down a feedback for the wonderful trip I had with Wild Dog Safaris.

    I booked the 7 Day Northern Adventure with George as the guide and Job his assistant. It was beyond brilliant! We were a rather small group of only 4 but we had a blast and I really enjoyed myself immensely. I was seriously impressed with George’s range of skills from driving to language (talking to the Himba especially) and cooking (the food was always soooo good!!) – but most of all I was stunned by the amount of knowledge he has about just anything and everything you come across! George and Job did a fantastic job catering for us and making this trip the trip of a lifetime.

    I have since then recommended Wild Dog Safaris to other people and hope that they did book a trip with you.

    Thank you Wild Dog Safaris and Job but mostly George for the wonderful time! It was unforgettable …

  15. Andrea says:

    I just completed the 14 Namibian Experience…and what an experience it was! Wow!

    First off, I’d like to thank everyone at Wild Dog Safaris. What a professional fantastic company. Everyone, from admin. staff, to crews, to owner, were wonderful to deal with. Although I was tired of camping (having been camping for 2 months elsewhere in Africa) Wild Dog renewed my enthusiasm and I got my second wind! Good thing. The 14 day Namibia Experience trip is full of breathtaking landscapes and scenery, game drives, and cultural experiences…all top notch. I cannot express how pleased I was. I wanted to keep going. Thank you Wild Dog Safaris, I will be recommending you to everyone that will listen to me back in Canada.

  16. Sharon Colback says:

    I’ve just done the ten day Namibian Explorer trip. It was a journey to recapture lost times for me.Forty three years ago I lived in Okaukoejo for three months then in an engineering campsite on the side of the road towards Outjo for another three. I wanted to see it all again and I wasn’t disappointed. For a start the Wild Dog organisation was really faultless. I’d like to take our guides, Gabriel and Manfred, home with me to run my life as brilliantly as they ran the trip. I doubt they’d be interested in relocation, though. They are safari guides through and through, both of them so knowledgeable about birds, animals, plants, geology. Did you know that termite mounds all face North to keep them warm and protected? I didn’t. Gabriel did. Both he and Manfred are unflappable, very hard working, it’s quite a knackering amount of driving Gabriel had to do. They are imaginative cooks, too, and the speed with which they prepared each meal for all eleven of us was a bit shaming for those of us more used to cooking in well equipped kitchens than on camp fires.
    I’ll stop about the guides before their heads burst. What about the sites and terrain we covered? Stand out camp site for me was Hoada dwarfed by vast granite boulders. We skinny dipped in the pool and sat on top of one huge rock to watch the sunset while Manfred cooked dinner.
    In Etosha we saw loads of animals including a pride of 13 lions, the adolescents tumbling, cuffing each other, watched by grouchy dads. Next day, a group of them were feasting on a newly killed zebra. But it wasn’t even the animals that made the trip but the journey through ever changing terrain under huge, over-arching skies and magnificent cloud formations. The soil colour changes every few kilometres and even the ubiquitous thorn trees vary throughout the journey, some green flat tops, others with tiny white flowers.
    Go and see it for yourselves. It’s a wonderful experience.

  17. Tuana and Vinicius says:

    We just retorned from 7 days nothern and it was the best trip of our lives. Sure we will come back to Namibia , very soon. Everything was perfect! Thank you everybody in Wild Dog, especially Tiffany that booked our tour , Immanuel our guide,and Erastus , the camp assistent. You guys do a very good job! Thanks for everyhing!!!

  18. Beate says:

    I just returned from the 14 days Namibian Explorer trip ( split into 7 days North and 7 days South tour ) with Wilddog and it was absolut amazing ! A big THANK YOU to our excellent guide George and our 2 camp assistants Matthew & Manfred who were always helpful, never tired of our questions and constantly there for us. Very professional! If you would like to expierence Namibia in a special way..go with the Wild Dogs !

  19. Delta & Falls says:

    we´re just some days back from the Delta&Falls tour – it was brilliant . It was our third tour with Wilddog and everything was so wonderful again. A special THANK YOU to Tuhafeni (whom we had as a guide before) and Joseph – both were very kind and helpful; Tuhafeni is a very good driver and Joseph alsways prepared us perfect vegetarian food. And we loved the camps (exept from one :-), the scenery, the animals … The Bush Walk in Livingstone is to recommend (as thrilling as a bungee jump). Thanks and meet you again on a tour !

  20. Ruth Jubb says:

    Just returned from the 7 day northern camping adventure with guide Gabriel and cook / assistance Pauli. It was well planned and we were lucky enough to see Lion and Rhino in Etosha as well as all the usual giraffe, springbok, oryx, zebra….
    Both Gabriel and Pauli were excellent – very helpful setting up and breaking camp each day. Campsites remote but excellent – loved all of them. Waterhole at 2nd camp in Etosha had 4 rhino at sunset.
    I can thoroughly recommend Wild Dog for a safari or trip in Namibia

  21. Richard Tamblyn says:


    I’ve just returned from the 10 day delta and falls tour. I would just like to commend the excellent quality of the tour-we came for our honeymoon and had a fantastic time.

    My main reason to write this is to furred commend the skills, knowledge and friendliness of our excellent guide Immanuel. For us, he (together with assistant Erastus) really made the trip special.



  22. Mercedes Marttínez says:

    I visit some countries of Africa but Namibia for me was the best. In all the countries I did safaries which are fantastic, I like animals a lot. But for me the best things I saw and specialy they made me feel inside were the Namib Desert and specialy the two tribes we went to see. Bushmen and Batswana . For me this was more Africa than the rest I saw. We went with a fantastic guide Peter Hain, Uakii. Wild dogs organized us the trip with him He was very important to enjoy this trip due to he know the language and the costumes of the tribes. Also as he is totaly involves with they, made us to be very close to them. I think this was the thing that made us so happy to get know them.
    Thank you to Wild Dogs to introduce us Peter Hain and to work so profesionals and thank you Peter Hain to show us this unforgettable part of Namibia.

  23. Laura Hernández says:

    We chose to Wild Dog Safaris, two trips very different but both beautiful and perfect as far as the organization is concerned. Thanks to them, Namibia is a country that always carry with me.
    The first run was the Kalahari, for the tribes: Bushman and Batswana. I would say it is a must if you want to know something of the history and peoples of the country. Peter Hain, Uakii, was responsible for this visit to the tribes. A perfect companion, aware of their language and culture and a lover and defender of his people. Describe the emotions is very difficult but what is certain is that if you decide for this trip, you shall live an unforgettable experience, close, personal and sincere. Absolutely a must.

    The second run was a delight to behold, the beautiful Namib Desert.
    Full of colors and contrasts and very hidden life as our guide taught us, plants, animals ..
    All perfect. Congratulations to the organization for being so competent and help us discover some of the wonders of Namibia.

  24. Michelle Warren says:

    WildDog organized a 5 day trip for 6 of us from Windhoek to Swakopmund to Sossusvlei and back to Windhoek. It was an absolutely Amazing trip. It even rained in the desert for us which allowed for some truly unique photography. It also made it easier to climb the Dune 45.

    We had the most wonderful guide. Not only was he knowledgeable but he was also a lot of fun.

    This was a totally accommodated tour. Did I mention that they put it altogether in less than 24 hours? Fantastic and affordable! Will definitely use WildDog again.

  25. Seymour Hosking says:

    Went on two 3 day trips to Etosha and Sossusvlei, then on the 10 day Delta and Vic Falls trip. All 16 days were absolutely marvellous. Everyone at Wild Dog Safaris was thoughtful and really good to deal with, and the trips had been thought out really well, from hygiene to comfort to diet. All that and Africa as well!

    I would strongly recommend Wild Dog to anyone who wants a really enjoyable trip.

  26. John Stirzaker says:

    I went on the 3 day Sossusvlei and 7 day Northern Explorer and I have to say I had the most amazing holiday ever!

    Both teams were brilliant and looked after everyone really well. They made the whole thing run so smoothly but actually feel personal.

    I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a truly memorable time.

  27. Clariet van Heteren/Willem Feijen says:

    Still enjoying our trip with Marcus and Kaleb from 25 october till the fourth of november, we want to send Marcus and Kaleb many greetings and wish them a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.
    We hope to meet you again when we are going to travell in Namibia in a few years.
    We enjoyed very much the things you told us about Namibië and Botswana, the knowledge from both of you about the animals we saw and of course the coocking!
    Clariet van Heteren and Willem Feijen

  28. Bob Michael says:

    Fantastic experience; so exceeded my expectations! You have an unpaid “advertising representative” (me) in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Milner and I “bonded” right away; what a great guy. I hope to come back and see the southern end of the country with you!

  29. Roger and Imogen Theobald says:

    The success of our trip from Windhoek to Victoria Falls, organised by the Rockjumper company, would not have been so good were it not for your organisation and especially the company of Willem. He was tremendous – as driver, cook, diplomat, guide, interpreter, historian and logistics manager. Above all, he was instrumental in helping us learn about and understand the cultures of Namibia. Many thanks.

  30. Clive Bennett says:

    Just a quick line to say thanks to Frieda and Gabi for a fabulous 2 weeks holiday, organisation was superb, we say so much.
    Gabi was fantastic he work morning to night to make our holiday a sucess, and was always cheerful and happy, nothing was too much trouble, and he did not even miss spotting wild life as he drove us around Namibia, we will be back!

  31. Coleen Allen says:

    Steve and I would like to thank everyone at Wild Dogs Safari for organising such a wonderful Safari for us (we were with the Sarah Fraser Group 24.09.20102 to 06.10.2012.

    It was an amazing experience and the activities just got better as the Safari progressed.

    We would also like to thank both Gabrielle and Pauli, our guides. Gabrielle was an absolutely perfect guide and must be a great asset to the company. He is honest, considerate and very knowledgeable. Also Pauli was able to provide some excellent vegetable dishes for me throughout the trip.

    Thank you once again for making our trip so memorable – we shall certainly recommend Wild Dogs Safaris to anyone we meet and hope someday to be able to return.

  32. Dennis Kells says:

    Two friends and I booked a 3 day tour of Namibia’s beautiful etosha and also a 3 day tour of Sossusvlei and the Namib desert.

    From pick up until drop off we were treated excellently. Dee and Leslie were our guides on the different tours and we were lucky to have masterchef Manfred on both trips.

    Every effort was made by all involved to ensure we had an unforgettable experience. I have been on a similar overland tour previously with another company and I have to say I would recommend Wild Dog Safaris above any other.

    Thanks for an amazing trip guys and I really hope to join you again. I already have friends hoping to book with you guys in January after they saw pictures.

  33. Grace from Hong Kong says:

    I finished the 7 days northern adventure with Milner and Manfred, they are amazing.

    Milner is a very experienced guide plus a good driver, he cares about everyone’s need in the tour, and he addressed all concerns being raised by all people, he is a very responsible and sincere guide, and assists me in many areas which I whole heartedly appreciate that.

    For Manfred, he cooks efficiently and all meals are delicious, especially after trying the food in local cafe/restaurant, I realised how lucky I am to have him as the cook for my tour.

    This is really a remarkable and fun and interesting trip, thanks a lot!

  34. Stuart says:

    I did the 3-day Sossusvlei and 3-day Etosha links. The scenery and wildlife is spellbinding – a must-see for all African enthusiasts.

    Guides Elias, Kaleb, George and Reuben were absolutely superb and the food was plentiful and delicious.

    I would recommend Wild Dog to anyone – excellent value for money.

  35. Annemie Vanheertum says:

    Thank you Milner and Stevie . We had à wonderfull time in the land of the braves and the beauties. Annemie Yves Paul and Hilde

  36. Cristian Moyano (Argentina) says:

    Last weekend I finished with my wife the 10 days explorer. My enduring love for Namibia will be forever linked to Wild Dog Safaris, whose experience, efficiency and warmth has been the cornerstone of a really unfogettable journey. Deey, our guide, is an stupendous guy in every possible way. My sincere congratulations and gratitude.

  37. Andy Thickpenny says:

    Just completed a 3-day Etosha camping safari with Wild Dog. Had a great time with our guide George, who was incredibly knowledgeable and a great cook too! Beautiful scenery on the drive and huge variety of animals in Etosha, often seen without any other vehicles in sight. Would thoroughly recommend Wild Dog!!

  38. Ernie says:

    Just completed a guided tour as part of the Godfrey party from Vic Falls, Chobe, Caprivi strip, Namib desert.
    Our guide Tuhafeni was exceptional in every way!
    You are lucky to have him in your employ.

  39. Holger says:

    Recommend by our daughter who did the 7 days North and 7 days South in 2009, we did the ten days Namibian Explorer:

    A wonderful time with nice people, lots of experiences and great fun.

    Thanks to our guides Ndaheya and Jason for their imense knowledge, excellent driving and their sense of humor. Would like to do that again! ….. even if the car needs a push to get startet…… :-))

    Greetings sent from Germany!
    Holger & Renate

  40. Annette says:

    I just had a wonderful time on the Southern Swing Tour thanks to Markus and Joseph and really great travel companions!!!! Cheers, Gents!!!!
    And also the Northern Adventure Tour was great thanks to Gabriel and Matthew and a funny travelling group of all kinds of nationalities!
    The 14 day Namibian experience is definitely worth it! So many things/landscapes/animals to see, experience and live! Woow!
    Just awesome!!
    Best regards, Annette

  41. Silke David says:

    To all At Wild Dog Safaris,

    Thank you for the wonderful SOUTHERN SWING tour from 24th February to 2nd March 2012. As it was the off-season, we had a very realxing time, 6 girls who got on like a house on fire, with our excellent guides Milner and Paulus. We all wanted to pack Paulus into our suitcase so he can cook for us at home. “Tomorrow is another day” became our slogan, and what an interesting day it turned out to be! The scenery was constantly changing and our guides were experts at spotting animals inthe shrubbery and stopping he bus so we could take photos. Milner went out of his way to re-organise our day in Luederitz for us when we were delayed for the boat trip due to a puncture just outside Kolmanskop. The South trip is definetly worth considering, what an amazing landscape!
    I will certainly be back to explore the north as well.


  42. Andreas & Elzabe Schilling says:

    Dear Wild Dogs Team
    We recently went on the 14 Day Namibian Experience Trip, and what a wonderful unforgettable journey it was ! We had seen and experienced so much during this time. We had Ndaheya and Markus as our guides and Matthew and Joseph as the assistants/chefs .Both the guides are extremely knowledgeable , they always made us feel safe and comfortable and in general looked very well after us . The meals prepared by the chefs were very delicious and always enough ,as well as they always assisted with the tents . In general they are nice persons and we enjoyed travelling with them .Everything on the tour was very well organized ,we stayed at nice decent camp sites and all the camping equipment was in good working order .Also a special word of thanks to Frieda Amutenya the tour planner ,she is very good with clients and provides excellent service .

    We would recommend Wild Dog Safaris to anyone who wants to visit beautiful Namibia . The trips offer good value for money and to us it was the best way of seeing the country by doing the camping trips .

    Once again , a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who made this such a memorable adventure .
    Keep up the good work and hope to travel with you in the future again .

    Best Regards
    Andreas and Elzabe Schilling – Cape Town South Africa

  43. bruce & helen says:

    we went on the northern safari for 7 days, tuhafeni & kaleb where our guide & chef we had the most enjoyable time . saw more things than i imagined in 7 days anywhere.we left on the 9th of september.2011. we would love to go on another safari again sometime . thanks again. b&h australia

  44. Margaret and Chris (UK) says:

    Two golden oldies have just returned from the 10 day explorer trip and it was magical. It was all we could hope for and 100% more.
    Markus is an excellent guide and Alfeus can make a really tasty evening meal over the fire.
    They really made the experience come alive and kindly answered our 101 questions.
    We were lucky to have a small group of just 5 and think this was the perfect way to see Namibia.
    Thank you to everyone at Wild Dog and our new travelling friends for making this so special. Africa at it’s best!

  45. Laurent & Leslie (Netherlands) says:

    Thanks to Wild Dogs and our guide George for our magnificent 10-day trip (departed 4 Oct 2011). George, you’ve made our holiday to become a success, your cooking was excellent, your guiding was even better and your sence of humor was the best. We will never forget the desert elephants in our camp, the sand dunes in our tent, shoes and ears, the smell of the seals and the German neighbours at Namutoni campsite :) It was unforgettable. Thanks for these good memories.

  46. Joan Davidson says:

    This was the best holiday I have ever had. I would like to commend Milner and Alpheus who were a fantastic team on the Namibia 10 day tour that departed on 13th Sep. Milner and Alpheus took excellent care of us. Milner was a first class guide. He shared his passion for Namibia with us and went the extra mile to ensure that we enjoyed ourselves. He has good initiative. Early on, he arranged to swap trucks with another group ending their tour as he was concerned that our truck would break down. Later I found out from the other group that our first truck did indeed break down the following day. Phew!
    Additionally, Milner would ask us about our expectations and then deliver. E.g. he would ask us what animal we wanted to see next and then presto, we would see them. It was great. I saw all the animals I set out to see and more. Both Milner and Alpheus were thoughtful and made sure that we were well-fed with delicious food and comfortable at all times. They worked well together and their happy faces made the tour more enjoyable.
    On my 8-Day Delta-Vic Falls tour, I had an enjoyable time. Ndaheya, our guide, was very knowledgeable. He was patient about talking to us about the places we visited, the local culture and politics. He would take the time to share this knowledge with us around the campfire which would round the day off nicely.

    I have recommended Wild Dogs to my friends who are coming to Namibia soon. Thanks for a fantastic holiday!


  47. julia says:

    Dear Liz, Dear Wild Dog,
    Just had a look at your website and checked
    for old comments…..and found one from 2003 about me!!!
    Thank you Liz for keeping it after that long time… made my day.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Big hug and lots of greetings from Geneva.

  48. Christine Goyens says:

    I went on the 6 days tour Taste of Namibia with Markus and Job. We were so lucky to have them as our guides. Always smiling, very good guides and always working to make our trip as good as possible. I went on other tours and I can compare. So keep on working like that ‘Wilddogs’ ! Christine

  49. Jane Peng says:

    Went on the 6 Day Taste of Namibia with Willem and Job – amazing guides who really made the difference in an already sensational safari and desert journey! Willem has an uncanny ability to spot camouflaged animals out of nowhere (Willem – we’re all still convinced that the little bit sticking out from the tree a mile away was a branch and not a rhino’s horn!) Meanwhile, Job can give the Thomas Kellers of the world a run for their money with his fantastic cooking.

    It’s evident that the staff enjoy what they’re doing as they take an active interest in the group and gamely join in on our random antics.

    I do wish the trip was a bit longer, as there were points throughout where I found myself wishing for a bit more time at a particular spot.

    All in all, a fantastic trip and I’d highly recommend Wild Dogs to others who fancy a less-than-ordinary adventure.

  50. Tony Drayton says:

    We would like to thank everyone in the Wild Dogs office (especially Frieda) and our guides: Ronnie and Ruben, Gabriel and Joseph and Leescinda (sorry about the spelling) and Kaleb and most especially Peter-Hain for a fantastic 3 1/2 weeks in Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. The three tours that we took gave us a fascinating insight into this region (all that was really missing was the southern desert).

    We particularly enjoyed meeting people on our travels. Everyone was so friendly and interesting to spend some time with. The highlight was probably the Bushmen and Batswana tribes; although obviously the game drives and the Delta and Vic Falls were also amazing. The most beautiful spot was the valley at Brandberg – and the most sheer fun was quad-biking at Swakopmund and the “booze cruise” on the Zambezee.

    We’d have to recommend Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek for the final dinner and Tamboti was our home-from-home between tours.

    We hope that the Bushman “experience” is extended. Uakii Wilderness Survival are doing some really important work with them and it is great to see the collaboration between them and Wild Dogs.

    I was travelling with youngsters between the ages of 12 and 18, so it was great that all the logistics were taken care of and we could just relax and enjoy the amazing experience. I would recommend Wild Dogs to anyone.

    Areas for improvement: I think there is some scope for some modest investment in the vehicles and tents/equipment to improve comfort for those of us whose camping days lie a little behind us. A bit more focus on upgrades and options at the time of booking would also be helpful.

    However, this is such an amazing experience and the care extended by all the staff to keep us safe, well-fed and to show and explain to us a little of this amazing region makes this something that everyone should do at least once.

    Again, heartfelt thanks to all.

  51. Marco Isella and Mirella says:

    simply wonderful! the safari camping with Luzinda and Paulus! this will always remain in our memories… 10 fantastic days from 19 to 28 of July 2011!

  52. Joy Deacon says:

    I first visited Namibia in 2005, and went on the 14 day Namibian Experience safari with Wild Dogs. I then did a week voluntary work with Cheetah Conservation Fund. I didn’t want to go home & Africa was in my heart and my soul! I hadrealised a lifelong dream! In 2007 I went on safari in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, which was amazing, but Namibia was in my blood so I caught the bus from Upington to Windhoek and did the Delta/Vic falls safari with Wild Dogs. The Okavango has to be Heaven & Wild Dogs are the best! I visited Southern Africa in 2008 & 2009, but I think about Namibia every single day and hope to return & take another Wild Dog Safari soon….maybe next year! Thankyou Wild Dog for realising that dream and making me understand what true happiness really is!

  53. Anara says:

    Dear Wilddog Safaris,

    thank you for very good opportunity to see Northern part of Namibia. My classmate and I had very pleasant week with our safari group. I would like to say thanks for Frieda Amutenya, Tour Planner for her patience with clients.
    I would also like to say thanks for Ndaheya and Jason, our guide and assistant.
    Due to their deep knowledge about Namibia and love to Motherland I got better understanding about life, traditions, culture and languages of local indigenous people of Namibia.


    representative of indigenous people of Kazakhstan in Namibia,

  54. aqui johnson and I am from Trinidad says:

    hello wild dogs crew ,in 2009 I and two co workers derrick and MR Takishema had a wonderfull safari in Namibia ,excellent service by our tour guides Tuhafeni and job I will be returning in the near future take care guys .

  55. Anna and Judy says:

    We wanted to thank you for our fantastic trip. We have made ​​15 day Delta & Dunes tour. We were the two girls alone made ​​this tour. Also a very big congratulations to our guide Thuafeni. He gave us a lot of states to protect us and we had fun with it. You may be glad to have such a great guide.

    Greetings from Germany
    Anna and Judy

  56. Anne Lomax says:

    I have recently been on your 7 day northern safari. This is without a doubt the best trip I have ever been on. having never done a tour like this before I was a little aprehensive but our guide Lezinda, and her assistnt Job were fantastic. Unbelievably helpful, always happy to answer our questions, supplying lots of information, and showing us Namibia with passion and real enthusiasm. Nothing was too much trouble, and the meals they produced at the end of long days were really great. Their sense of humour and patience were truly appreciated.

  57. Hannelie Pretorius says:

    Thank you Wild Dogs for an unforgettable safari. We have just returned from the 10 day Explorer, and will recommend you to all our friends.

    A special thank you to Willem and Steve for all the great food, the good company and the friendliness – you guys are the best.

    I don’t think I had ever met anyone as passionate about his country and his job like Willem – he made us feel like on big family! And all the extra obstacles we encountered made it even more fun – the rain, getting stuck………

    Next year we will be back for more!

    Hannelie and Brian Petorius

  58. Doro says:

    We were just two passengers on the 15 day Delta & Dunes so guiding/driving/vegetarian cooking was taken care of by only one person without having an assistant. This marvelous guide was Milner who should earn “The perfect Guide ever Award”!
    Thanks so much for enabling and enriching this tour.
    N.B.: I recommend to bring your own mosquito net for Botswana.

  59. Michael Diamond says:

    It’s been a few years since I went on the 10 day explorer trip, I am itching to return again! I can honestly say it was one of the most incredible and memorable journeys of my life! I made a short video of just some of my experiences I had, if you would like to see more check out my video on youtube! Enjoy!

  60. Evie Heinz and daughter Heather says:

    We visited Namibia for the first time when we did the 10 day Namibian Explorer 18 Dec 2010-28 Dec 2010. We had many wonderful experiences, saw lots of great sites and animals . We did the trip in reverse of what was advertised but feel this was a better way to do it. Wilddog Safaris was very professional, and well organized.Thanks go out to Frieda in the office for her patience and very prompt responses to our numerous emails, to our driver/guide Tuhafeni and assistant/cook Kaleb for an unforgettable journey. Tuhafeni was very knowledgeable, friendly, attentive (without being overly so), and we felt very comfortable in his capable hands. Kaleb kept us well fed-far better food than what we experienced on our last leg of our trip with another outfit in South Africa, and was always there to assist with our tents or whatever was needed. Tuhafeni and Kaleb make a good team…Our thanks go out to all of Wilddog Safaris for a great experience at a reasonable price. We will recommend your services without reservation.

  61. Corina Hintermeister says:

    Hello Wilddogs!!! I just came back from the 21 combined
    tour, and it was the best to do !!!! : First tour : Soussouvlei
    with Milner and Josef was great! Milner is a very sympathic guide,
    taking care of everyone and always making the best of every
    situations! Second tour (7 days north) with Elias and Poli was
    great as well ! Elias let us feel Namibia, he knew so much about
    the country and I he is a very amazing and inspiring person! Third
    tour (delta and falls) with Josias : We were just a very small
    group, but he managed that all uf us felt very comfortable, even we
    were all very different personalities! It was a big challenge, but
    Josias seemed to love his work. He told us so much about Namibia,
    Culture, the way of life, the nature and we were all amazed to see
    how much he loves his work! Every day he gave 200% to make the best
    of the tour, whenever somebody needed a hand, he was there with a
    smile! For all of us it was a great and unforgettable experience!
    Thank you again for everything, it was the perfect thing to do to
    end the 2010!

  62. Jan Hermsen says:

    I have excellent memories about my trips: Etosha, Sossusvlei, Delta and Falls.

    Not because of the amazing scenery, what can one say, so beautiful, but because of the excellent tourguides. Dehare (‘Di’), Manfred, Milner: their knowledge, friendliness, care and humanity was extra ordinary. Each time, in their own way, they created a very good atmosphere in the group.

    I thank them very much.


  63. Werner De Kock says:

    I just came back from a 7day Namibia trip and Wild Dog Safaris was our transport operator for the entire trip. Thank you Elias for being a great guide and all the jokes and laughes.
    Thanks to Gabrielle and Kalieb for making an awesome meal and thanks to Dirk and Lesleigh for hosting us and showing us what a real bush braai is like Wild Dog style..woof!
    I will be back soon to do Southern Namibia.
    Keep the jagermeister flowing boys.

    Keep well.

  64. Susanna says:

    I recently joined the 6 Days Taste of Namibia Safari. I had a fantastic time!! Thanks a lot to the guides Elias and Markus, who looked after us very well and never get tired of answering our questions. I can highly recommend Wilddog Safaris!
    Cheers Susanna

  65. Lynne McKenzie says:

    Back at work today after 15 wonderful days and wishing I was with the Wild Dog team rather than here.

    Thank you Milner, and Lezinda for being such fabulous guides and great cooks – Lezinda’s Monkey Gland sauce was a highlight. Job and Ruben thanks for your help with the tents and making sure I had everything I needed to make this such a marvellously memorable holiday.

    It is hard to pick a highlight as I enjoyed every minute of the trip. I covered many miles in the Southern Swing and Deltas and Falls and loved all three countries. I have special memories of the cold in Klein Aus Vista, the wine and hospitality at Guma Lagoon Camp and the wonderful relaxing massages and personal touches at Zambezi Waterfront.

    Needless to say I will be back and very soon I hope.

    love you all guys!

  66. linda sallows says:

    Many thanks to william for a fantastic Namibian Ideal holiday. We will never forget the elephants in Etosha, or the close encounter with a leopard at Africat!
    Our accommodation in the lodges was luxurious and the food was superb.
    Namibia is an amazing place.
    Thank you Wild Dogs Safaris for a truly wonderful experience.

  67. Julian Watson says:

    Many thanks to Ndaheya and Paulus for all there hard work making our family holiday in Namibia one we shall never forget. We went on a Community Encounter 15 day tour, we visited a Himba village and joined up with Peter-Hain (Uakii Wilderness) to visit the San Bushmen and the Boiteko Community at Metsweding, all of whom were lovely, and keen to share there way of life, which was wonderful.

    We also experienced the Desert, Dunes, Skeleton coast, Mountains and Bush, the animals at Etosha park (which I think we saw them all thanks to Ndaheya and Paulus) where amazing and camping at Africat was such an great experience. We wanted a Adventure holiday, and thats what we got, in a beautiful country with lovely people.

    Thanks again, Julian.

  68. Stefan Weigel says:

    Thank you Lucinda and Josef for a great trip to Okavango and the Victoria Falls! It was wonderful!

  69. Ryk Meiring says:

    Hello Wild Dogs!
    Great website, great business, great country Namibia.
    Best wishes & fond regards, Ryk

  70. Remy Lesuis says:

    We have finished our 28 days of Namibian experience. it was wonderful. Seeing something so different than expected! before we went there I thought about this holiday, but everything I thought about was nothing compared to the things we have done!

    I would recommend this to everyone!
    Thank you very much Crazy Kudu & Wild Dog

  71. Adrian Lesuis says:

    We’ve just finished our first Namibia experience. We did and enjoyed so very much three tours: the Southern swing with Dye and Mathew, the northern adventure with Milner and Abyt and the Delta/fall with Willem and Stephen.

    Hospitality, good cooking combined with all the highlights of your very beautifull country. The imense solitude of the dessert, the amazing Sousus vly with the great 5 km walk to Deathvly. and so on and so on.

    Thank you all for everything you did to make our stay and journey so unforgettable

  72. David Brown says:

    The best safari I’ve ever done – and I’ve done a few. Pendy was a terrific guide, we had excellent food, and everything about the 6 day trip was well thought out and well organised. I’ve just got back from Kruger, but Etosha was better in all respects.

  73. Hilary White says:

    We travelled on the Delta and Dunes trip in May 2010. It way exceeded our expectations! Our guide/driver Tuhafeni and his assistant/cook Jason were totally uflappable. It was a trip of contrasts; the tropical swamp of the Oakavango where we slept in a bush camp on an island with the hppos and 5 elephants for company, the desert pan at Etosha full of wildlife (elephants, giraffe, numerous antelopes, lions and rhinos) then the cosopolitan oasis of Swakopmund. And finally the dramatic and surreal landscapes of the dunes and Sossuvlei.

    A real dream trip for a very reasonable price. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Wild Dog safaris to anyone.

  74. Eamonn O'Reilly says:

    I did the Seven Day Southern Swing and three day Etosha. Standard of guides was outstanding. Quality of food first class. Value for money unbeatable. All campsites and equipment were of the highest order.

    Our guide Mani was always pleasant and extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

    Cannot recommend Wild Dog highly enough. Thank you for a really first class outfit.

  75. Jen says:

    Our group did the six day Taste of Namibia tour this March and we could not have been more pleased with our experience. Our guide, Raymond, and assistant, Matthew, were extremely professional, knowledgeable, easy to get along with, and attentive in every way. The quality of the campsites and food FAR surpassed our expectations — though the trip was designated to be “assisted camping”, every day felt extremely luxurious and relaxing. My only regret is that we weren’t able to stay longer in Namibia. It is an amazing country with breathtaking scenery, very friendly people, and a rich culture and history. I hope to return someday and would absolutely choose to work with Wild Dog / Crazy Kudu again!

  76. Stephen & Fiona says:

    We have just finished back-to-back Northern and Southern tours lasting 14 days with Wild Dog & Crazy Kudu Safaris. The safari went beyond all our expectations and Namibia did not disappoint in any way. Even though it was winter during our tour the weather was been warm-hot on all but two days and the sun is not nearly as harsh as NZ – of course the locals think it’s freezing if it’s below 25 and they are all wearing boots and hats!

    The tour is advertised as assisted camping, meaning we put up/down our tents and the guide and camp assistant did everything else, but in reality the guides would do everything if you let them. All the equipment was great, the food well prepared and plentiful, and the service provided was exceptional. Not only were we highly impressed with the organisation of the tours, but we were also amazed at the quality of camp ground facilities at the camp grounds – there is a long history of camping in Namibia and it showed.

    A special word of praise must go out to our camp assistant & guide that we were very lucky to have for both legs of our 14 day tour. Erastus our camp assistant, was a hard-working young man that could not do enough for us during the trip, and kept us so well fed each day that we both think we have put on weight…! Our Guide Elias was a proud Namibian of the Damara tribe, who was not only an extremely professional and knowledgeable guide, but was also a man of profound knowledge and understanding, and a supreme ambassador for his country. The landscape, culture and wildlife of Namibia was impressive enough, but Elias brought it to life and made us feel that we had experienced something more than just being tourists in his country.

    We did a figure eight loop of the country, which allowed us a chance to see the people and animals of Namibia during the Northern adventure and dramatic landscapes on the Southern swing. We are very lucky to have been able to tick everything off our prerequisite lists, including Elephants, Cheetah, Leopards, Rhino, Giraffe, Lions, a ton of gazelle/antelope type things, Fish River Canyon, deserts & mountains, and most of all, The Dunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even though we are both in our forties and the majority of our fellow travellers were about a decade younger than us, we always felt part of the group and were never at any disadvantage in the truck or on the tour. We have only the highest praise for Wild Dog Safaris and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone with an interest of seeing Namibia.

  77. Jessica says:

    Had an amazing 2 weeks in Namibia completing the North and South tours with Gabriel and Stephen as our guide and cook.
    Loved every minute of the trip – even taking down and putting up the tents!
    Can’t wait to come back to Namibia…. hopefully in 2011

  78. Corinna says:

    In July 2006 I joined the 10 day Namibian Explorer safari with the guides Julius and Jason. Althoug it’s almost 4 years ago, I still do remember every moment of this great trip. I want to thank Julius and Jason again for the best safari ever :)

  79. Amanda Woods says:

    I went on the 6 Day Taste of Namibia, which encompassed Etosha for 3 days and Sossusvlei for 3 days….I have to say I loved every minute and the only downside was that I had to return home!!! Hope I make it back….the staff were an added bonus, lots and lots of fun…:)

  80. alexander haimes says:

    hi i have just had the best 18 days of my life i done the 7 day northern adventure with pendy & jason then the 10 delta and falls with george & job,the guys from both trips were great they made sure we had a great time there a credit to your company and i will be back next year to see you all again. many thanks you guys see you soon,
    regards alex

  81. Stuart Barry Sutcliffe says:

    I have just returned from my 2nd visit to Namibia, having done the 6 Days North with Pendy and Jason. We had a great time, lovely crowd and this time we saw plenty of Cats in Etosha.
    It was a well organised holiday where everyone joined in wholeheartedly – this time there were 6 different nationalities in the clients. I can’t wait to visit again and hopefully bring my son next time. ThankYou Wild Dog.

  82. Yochi Levanon says:

    I’ve just returned from the most wonderful 14 days . The 14-day Delta and Dunes. My expectation from this safari were very high but the reality was far beyond any expectation. Everything was just fantastic, the landscape, the camping sites, the dreamlike bush camping, the food. I was a "First time camper" and loved every minute of it.
    It was my second visit to Namibia and I am already dying to go there for the 3rd time. Can’t get enough of this great country.
    Special thanks the Derek the guide and Alfeus his assistant who made the safari such a great experience.

  83. Jenny Pattenden says:

    I have just returned from my first trip to Namibia and wanted to thank all at Wild Dog for making it such a memorable experience. I did the Northern Adventure and Gabriel and Erastus made it extra special. I also went with Peter-Hain on the 3 day bushman experience and wanted to say a special thank you – it was wonderful and inspirational. I now feel I truly understand the San people and also really enoyed going to the townships to gain such insight into what is actually like to be a Namibian. I thoroughly recommend everyone to try this experience, coupled with the chance to see all the animals we know and love in their natural environment. Thank you so much.

  84. Pierre Labelle says:

    Many thanks to the Wild dog team for an unforgettable trip on the 22-day African Odyssey (July 2009). It was everything I had planned and hoped for and more! Manni, Josia and Lezinda were very knowledgeable, experienced and, above all, friendly guides…not to mention incredible cooks. The food was just fantastic. I was impressed with all the camping sites on the itinerary. Our assistant-guide, Ruben, worked relentlessly to ensure our comfort and cater to our needs. You da man Ruben!!!
    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my trip in all three countries but I must admit having fallen in love with Namibia in particuliar. Hope to return one day…

  85. Don & Evelyn MacPherson says:

    Just returned home having completed the 10day Namibian Explorer safari which departed Windhoek on 12 September 2009- Absolutely fabulous, and we cannot praise Wild Dog, Clifton and Paulus enough. Very professionally organised, we were fed too well and really cannot fault your organisation in any way. Being older travellers, though by no means in-experienced travellers, the fact the it was a mixed age group of seven people who geled together helped a great deal. We have no hesitation in recommending Wild Dog to others.

  86. Mandy says:

    I just got back from my great holiday in Namibia. I did the 7 Day Southern Swing with Tuhafeni and the 7 Day Northern Adventure with Derek. The guides and both groups were just great. I had such a good time! I miss you all already!!! It were my BEST holidays ever!!!
    Many thanks to all of you!

  87. Fiona and Luke says:

    I went on a Family Adventure in Aaugust 2009 with my 11 year old son. We had an amazing time and the guides, Clifton and Alfeus were amazing making sure the camp was also running smoothly and the cooking was first class. Have no complaints at all and thanks to the guides for making it so enjoyable.

  88. Cari Harrison says:

    My daughter, age 16, and I spent a week in Namibia, with the staff from Wild Dog (A GREAT TRIP TO THE DUNES!) and also Peter Hain Kazapua from Uakii Wilderness. We were able to experience the culture of the San Bush tribe and the Batswana tribe. It was an amazing trip and Peter is a fabulous guide. If you are looking for an experience that is not only memorable, but also educational, you would do well to make arrangements with Peter – you will not be disappointed. He is professional, friendly, well – informed and is a great cook!

  89. Kieran Lonergan says:

    Did the 6 day taste of Namibia from August 8th 2009. Had a fantastic time & saw so much. Our guide Pendy & assiatant Marcus couldn’t have looked after us better and fed us well every night in clean & hygenic fashion.

  90. Natasja & Ulrik says:

    Wild Dog & Crazy Kudu is a well organized group of people who all worked hard to give us a magnificent holiday in Namibia. We have seen great places like Sossusvlei, Brandberg and Etosha, the dessert, the savannah and the seaside. We would really like to thank Gabriel "Gabes" and Kaleb who were our guides for the great cooking, the safe driving, the info they gave us on all Flora & Fauna, their good mood, the campfire at 6 in the morning, the extra help with Ulrik and of course the singing in the microphone ! We will surely keep you in our hearts.

  91. ralph arnold says:

    Our family of three including our daughter aged 12 have just returned from the 10 Explorer Safari offered by Wild Dogs. It was excellent and met all of our expectations. The guide and assistant were well trained, very experienced and excellent campfire cooks. The tents were spacious and the sleeping mats nice and soft. The trucks are well designed for both travel and photography. It was comfortable and very well equipped. Thanks again to Charles and Mathew for giving us such an excellent experience!
    Ralph, Fran and Natalie

  92. Alexandra says:

    Ich kann dieses Unternehmen nur weiterempfehelen, wir haben während unserem 4 wöchigen Aufenthalt in Winhoek die 3-tagesreise in die wüse unternommen… Wir waren vollkommen zufrieden, dennoch sollte man nicht zu hohe Anforderungen stellen, denn man schäft nun mal im Zelt und es wird KALT also zieht euch warm an und nehmt ausreichend Wasser mit, denn dort gibt es nichts (außer auf der LOGE bzw dem Haus auf dem Campingplatz)… Zudem sollte man gute englischkenntnisse haben da die reiseleitung(durch die namibianischen reiseleiter) nur in englisch spricht…
    Also viel Spaß und keine Angst…

  93. Beau Bontenbal says:

    Dear Lezinda and Joseph,
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful trip (delta&dunes). I made same wonderful pictures!

  94. Reuben says:

    I went on a Crazy Kudu safari in 1998 with Mike. I have nothing but excellent memories of Namibia and the people who made it happen the way it did. I am so please to see how Crazy Kudu has continued and grown. In particular, I really hope Mike is well. Stumbling upon your site has reminded me of a differest time in my life. I think it is time for a return visit.

  95. Rebecca Burrier says:

    I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than my Northern Safari with Lezinda and Stevie. I gained more than I can quantify…. knowledge, friends and the experience of a lifetime. Wow. Thanks!

  96. marie-claire stokbroek says:

    I had a wonderfull trip to the delta and the falls from 30-04 until 08-05.

    Our guides Job (he cooked fantastic and helped wherever he could) and Tiafuni (always in a good mood and very helpfull)….thanks for this wonderfull time !

  97. Megan Bott says:

    Just returned from 3 day sossousvlei with Willem and Alfeus…. just wanted to say thank you to them for an awesome trip, though very hot and tiring, they made it all very easy and comfortable. Will definately do Etosha when I get a chance.

  98. Malcolm & Sally Lewis says:

    Hi Lezinda and Joseph,
    Many thanks for our wonderful Delta and Dunes trip. Unfazed by all that water in the Delta, Guma Camp was an adventure in itself. Lots of wild life photos from Etosha area and loved Sossusvlei. Photos look great on the big screen – when sorted, will submit some for you to publish!!
    Don’t really miss the gravel road vibrations, but miss Africa already.
    All the best for the future.

  99. Berni Koppe says:

    If you are thinking of taking a Wild Dogs safari I can highly recommend it. I was on the 14 day Namibian Experience in November of 2008. This tour gives a good overview of Namibia. The guides were excellent with a good knowledge of the country, great driving skills and the ability to make fabulous meals over a campfire.
    Thank you to all at Wild Dogs.

  100. Maija & Ilva says:

    Hi! We just returned home from Namibia. One of our most unforgetable experiences was 3 day Kalahari Bushman and Batswana Tribes tour (26-28/11). We believe that one cannot really get to know the country only from seeing its landscapes and wildlife or enjoying architecture. Even if all that is worth seeing, the country is, first of all, its people. Namibia is rich in various etnic groups with their history, culture and traditions. We are really grateful to the Wild Dog & Crazy Cudu Safaris / Uakii Wilderness Survaival for the opportunity to visit some of Kalahari local communities, to meet many frindly and warm-hearted people, who have so much to teach us just through their life and attitudes, and to live this experience together with Peter-Hain, our guide during this tour, who knows local communities and their traditions so well and loves them so much. We do recommend this tour to everyone! If not before, then after such experience you will love Namibia because of its people!

  101. Rudy and Dana says:

    We have done 22 days with Gabriel, Mathew, Julian,George and Jason.

    The safari was amazing, many thanks to the guides, assistants and the entire Wild Dog staff!

  102. Domenico & Silvia says:

    Hi Crazy Dogs & Wild Kudu!!!
    We just returned yesterday from 14 days Namibia Experience. Many tanks to Mannie, Joseph, Derek and Rubben. We had a great time and are already thinking of when we can come back! Fantastic country and excellent organization.
    Domenico & Silvia.

  103. daniela says:

    I was on the 10 day tour…it was the best tour in my life! with maltese and bask people…we had a lot of fun. and the guides were excellent! thank you stefan and steven!!! (if you want some nice picture: write me, i send it to you)

  104. Patrick says:

    Along with 11 friends I have just completed a fabulous ten day holiday with Wild Dog.I could not fault this organisation and in my long travelling experience it is undoubtedly the best value adventure I have ever had. The staff are friendly knowledgeable and expert in everything needed to make a trek like this memorable. Do not pass up an opportunity to do one of their trips


  105. Barbara says:

    I just returned this morning from 12 days touring Namibia with Stefan. Thank you for appointing him as my guide, I had a great time and am already thinking of when I can come back and where should I go? Beautiful country and superb accommodation. Hope Stefan’s voice and tooth are better,surprised he hasn’t got earache as well from all the questions I kept asking him. Great travel companion.

    Many, Many thanks for a great experience.

  106. David Parsons says:

    Just back from an amazing two weeks going round Namibia on a safari with my family. The staff were incredible and our main guide Stefan was excellent with a vast knowledge an what seemed like everything and was wonderful with all the children – he made the trip out of this world!!!!

    Amazing trip round an amazing country thank you Wild Dog / Crazy kudo!!!!

    David & Family

  107. jackie "tatties" Dullaghan says:

    Big thank you to Lezinda, Jason, Elias and Paulus for an amazing trip in june. Would highly recommend these guys to anyone, they are so knowledgeable about Namibia, its wildlife etc, the food was amazing and they were great fun to be with.
    Cheers and thanks again


  108. Joshua Codling says:

    We have just got back from Namibia and had a wonderful time with Cliffton van Wyk. Cliffton and Roger really looked after me and I miss them already!

    I’ll write to you soon!

    Joshua (Master J)
    Aged 5.5 years

  109. Bret Charman says:

    I have just returned from two excellent weeks. My family and I were part of the 14 day Delta and Dunes trip. I have never been on on such a fantastic trip. The guides, Ndihare and Stevie, were excellent as was the vehichle.

    I will be going back to Namibia when I next get some money!

    Thank you Wild Dog.


  110. Lynda McGregor says:

    Just back from a fantastic holiday, we did the 12 day Namibian Ideal, cant thank Raymond, the guide, enough for his information and attention he gave us during the trip. Brilliant country would recommend the Country and the Wild Dogs/crazy Kudu firm to anyone! now saving to come back!!

  111. Lisa & Mark says:

    We have just returned from a 10 day Safari also with Derek and Gabriel. The guides were outstanding, the trip was amazing and the group were all really lovely. We cannot believe how much we did and saw in only 10 days ! This trip was particularly special for us as we got engaged there.

  112. ANDREA says:

    Just returned from the 10 days Namibian Explorer, had a great time. Derek and Gabriel were the best guides ever, always a smile and a joke, nothing too much trouble for them. Looking forward to returning next year, loved the camping. Great group of fellow campers. Thanks for a great time.

  113. Trish says:

    I just wanted to add something about the trip I have just done … Not only were Derek and Gabes charming, helpful, courteous and knowledgeable – they also smiled and joked through the most difficult of times and made the trip a real pleasure. Dot and I were a bit useless when it came to putting up/taking down the tent … and both Derek & Gabes helped every time without even asking them! The best recommendation I can give is that I would readily do another trip! Thank you Derek and Gabes! Cheers to everyone in the group – you were great!

  114. Trish says:

    I have just come home from a 10-day safari with Derek and Gabriel as our guides. They were fantastic! One of my best holidays ever, if not the very best! We saw everything, travelled around most of the country and loved the whole trip. We had a great group too!

  115. Dot says:

    I have just finished a 10 day trip with Wild Dogs and had a fantastic time. Our guides, Derek and Gabriel, were great, as were our group. We saw an amazing variety of animals. landscapes and people. Namibia is a spectacular country.

  116. Stephanie says:

    I did the 10-day tour and had an absolute blast! The guides (Derek and Gabriel) were amazing, my group was the best, and I still cannot believe how much we’ve seen in so little time. One of the best holidays ever!

  117. terry aleman says:

    My husband Frank and I did the Northern and Southern 14 day Namibian Experience in March/April. It was just wonderful! From Etosha to the Fish River Canyon, all was awesome. The comapny is very well organized, and the guides are full of useful and interesting information…as well as being great drivers. Our fellow travellers were a diverse and enthusiastic group. I’d recommend using Wild Dog!

  118. David & Nicola says:

    My wife and I have recently returned from a very enjoyable 10 day trip with you and we really want to thank our guides, George and Stevie. Nothing was too much trouble for them and we loved their enthusiasm and organization – and they were fun too! Will get photos to you soon. We especially liked the new campsite in the desert, Agama Camp. I travelled on your short Sossusvlei trip last year and I can understand why you have made this change of sites and I’ve got fantastic photos this time of the dunes with the colour contrast the early sun gives. Far better than sitting by Dune 45 with all the overland trucks in the parking lot. So, thanks again and we plan to be back, maybe for the Okavango Delta and Vic Falls trip.

  119. Martin and Sandra Sharp says:

    We have just returned from a great 30 day adventure in Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. We would like to thank your staff, Immanuel? and Alfeus on the first week and Derek and Joseph on the second week for looking after us so well. We saw and learnt a lot which helped us when we drove a 4X4 on safari to Victoria Falls and back on our second 2 weeks. The whole trip including car hire, camps and lodges were organised by Lee-Ann in the office and everything ran like clockwork. She even telephoned our last lodge to check that we had arrived safley. We highly recomend Wild Dog and Crazy Kudu for their very professional opperation and would love to return again someday. Thanks once again from Sandra and Martin on the Isle of Bute.

  120. Richard and Pam Shave says:

    We were on the 10day Camping Budget Safarie 01-10mar08 with 3 other guests.
    I have to say everything was fantastic!! Our Guide George and his assistant Kaleb were brilliant, Their knowledge of the area’s we visited, animals and fauna was excellent. It was an amazing standard of food that these 2 guys produced on a daily basis. I can only say if you are looking for an experience of a lifetime this is the company to choose, very professional in every aspect. We wll definatley being using them for our next trip.

  121. Peter says:

    I joined a nice group of 15 tourists (16 in total) to the beautiful Sossusvlei and Namib Naukluft (which was very green after a rainy period) from the 4th till the 6th of March 2008. Our guides/cooks/drivers where Maliky (Mellow) and Jason. They did a very good job! I can recommend this 3-day trip to everyone.


  122. Terry Underhill says:

    In October 2007, my wife and I celebrated our average ages being 70, by taking our four granddaughters ages 12-15 and two relatives, on the 12 day Namibian Camping Safari. Everything, and I mean everything was perfect,(you name it, we did it, and in style – marvellous, unbelievable value for money), and I would not hesitate to recommend this a trip to every family with the spirit of adventure in them. The pre trip information and organisation was superb and our leader Jaco and his assistant Jason, were fantastic. This trip will always be held special in all all our lives – thank you everyone at Wild Dog and Crazy Kudu. Terry Underhill

  123. Simone & Sallie says:

    We were on a Delta and Dunes trip with Clifton and Mannie, returning on 13 February 2008. They were superb and really made sure we had the best from our trip, including a small detour from the itinerary!

    Thanks Clifton and Mannie for a memorable trip with great game viewing, experiences and of course FOOD FOOD FOOD……………… shame about the rain, but then we got to see you in action in the wet!!!

  124. Lorna says:

    HI, It was a year ago that I went on the Northern Adventure and wow what an experience I travelled alone but was never alone the group I went with were terrific. I say if you have never tried this then you are missing a lot. It was a great experience and words can’t do it justice. I loved every minute especially those cheeky meerkats. Thank you Wild Dog and Tiaan & D.
    If anyone from the trip wants to get in touch ‘ seems like someone lost out contact details’ then pls do.

  125. Erin Cote says:

    Hello hello! I took a safari tour with this company in 2005. It was sweet ! We saw amazing things, ate awsome food, met cool people and had a good time !

    Erin Cote

  126. Vicky & Oli says:

    We have just returned from a two week safari where we did the northern adventure to begin with followed by the southern swing. We just wanted to say how fantastic it was and what a great time we had. Special mention has to go to Derek – an absolutely superb guide who really took care of us and ensured we had great fun at all times – a real credit to Wild Dog. We would recommend the holiday to anyone!

  127. Oli Scarr says:

    I came to Namibia on a school expedition from Harrow School on the 14 day Delta and Dunes trip last year.George and Jos looked after us superbly- the food was of excellent standard and the whole trip was great fun. I loved every momment from the Okavango Delta to Etosha National Park. I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. Send my regards to George and Jos for an excellent trip. Merry Xmas!

  128. Roger Hill says:

    The Etosha tour was great trip, made even better by our leaders Lombard & Gabs. Thanks gentlemen. I loved Namibia & some of the campsites we stayed at, particularly the showers & WC’s with the wide open views! Thanks also to everybody who helped us catch our plane on the last day despite 2 flat tyres. You all made it a really memorable week.

  129. David Hammond says:

    Just back from a tremendous Northern Safari tour starting 2nd Dec. One of the best camping holidays ever with a tremendous guide in Raymond,ably supported by Joseph, who conjured up amazing meals with the minimum of fuss.
    Saw loads of beasts, with very few beasties to annoy us.
    Just how did Raymond spot lion’s in bushes 100 yds off the road ??!!
    Highpoint was sitting at a waterhole at midnight watching 9, yes 9 Rhinos knocking s*** out of each other.
    Raymond was extremely flexible in adjusting to the varying needs of the group,and was rarely phased by our requests to tweak the itinerary.
    Great vehicle and camping equipment, and a great bunch of fellow travellers

  130. Alick Davies says:

    We took the 7 day Northern tour back in ’03 with Burger as our guide. It was one of, no, it was the best organised trip we’ve ever been on. The transport was comfy, the guide fabulous and informative ( Burger, you are one in a million ) the places we visted were stunning and some if not all we would never of found, especially that hot spring in the middle of no-where :).
    if you want to see Namibia see it with Wild Dog, but, do the 10 day tour instead.
    Looking at this site it looks like Kudu and Wild Dog are a team now, not rivals!! We did the 3 day Southern Trip with Crazy Kudu, and again it was an awesome experience, Mike, Liz and Allan, hi, how are ya, thanks again for some great times, WE WILL BE BACK :)

  131. Jack Kirwan says:

    I came to Namibia for two weeks in October with my wife Joan and our friends John & Irene, Pete & Vicky. We journeyed far and wide with our brilliant guide Willem of WD&CK tours, from Solitaire and Sesriem via the Skeleton coast and Swakopmund to the Etosha national park. The things we saw were unbelievably lucky – such as a lioness kill of a kudu and a leopard resting by a newly-killed springbok – but also owed much to Willem’s sharp eyes and observational skills. We received wonderful hospitality everywhere we went, and everything was carefully planned and managed. A memory to stay with us for the rest of our lives. We’ve had terrific holidays elsewhere, like Bolivia, Peru, Australia and New Zealand, but this ranks in front even of those. Many thanks to all involved. — Jack

  132. alex haimes says:

    this is just to say a big thank you to everyone at wild dog an crazy kudu for the best holiday that i have ever had ,and thanks to raymond and joseph for a great time ,will be back next year
    thanks people and a merry xmas

  133. sabrina and lara says:

    We would like to thank everybody at Wild dog and Crazy Kudu for letting us know and taste the wonderful Country you live in. We will always rememeber Namibia, its spaces and the people and we do hope to be back one time. A special thank to Derek, our Souther guide, and to Taufeni, to Joseph and Matthew, the assistants ant to Marilize who helped us with the reservation. Thank you all.

  134. sammy underhill says:

    me and my underhill family had a lovely time thankyou so much jason and jaku thanks x p.s happydays and init

  135. Louise Knight says:

    Oct.9th until October 18th 2007. I would like to thank Joe Lingongo and Alfeus (Alfi)Akatingo For all their help, wonderful meals and good advice, which made my days with them unforgetable.I had never camped in my life and you two made it a wonderful experience. Merry Christmas to both of you. Hope you will accept me again in 2009. Louise Knight.

  136. tom bellamy says:

    a big thank you to raymond and wild dog for a fantastic tour hope 2 see u next year !!!

  137. Charlotte Underhill says:

    Me and my family had a brilliant time in namibia 15-25 october thank you Jaco and Jason

  138. Melissa says:

    Me and my family had a great time wish the trip lasted longer. We all thank the guides alot and some day wish to return to Namibia for another safari with Jason and Jaco
    Thanks guys
    P.s Happy days

  139. Dick & Ginny Hepworth says:

    We had a delightful trip on Sept 1 to 6 with Willem and Emanuel. Thanks to both. Emanuel was a big help to Dick, the straggler.

  140. Deb Holloman says:

    We did two safaris both were fabulous the 10 namibian explorer with Tiaan and Paulus was spectacular witha wonderful crew . We were looked after marvelously and had great fun as well as seeing some amazing sites . the Delta falls trip with Mr T and Job was also terrific again our guides were fantastic – friendly well informed caring and good fun – I am running out of adjectives but I can not reccomend the tours highly enough thank you

  141. Samantha says:

    We did the 3 day Desert trip with Raymond and Peter and the 3 day Etosha trip with Quinton and Stephen.

    Both trips were fantastic and if ever we can come back to Namibia, we would use Wild Dog again.

    Thanks Raymond for helping me get down that Dune, (me being scared of heights!) and thanks Quinton for a great Etosha trip. You should see the photos!


  142. Sorcha says:

    A huge thanks to Tiaan and Paulus ( 20/08/07-30/08/07 )for making my trip absolutely amazing… i know i’m not alone in that opinion as every person in the group came back thrilled. I’m already trying to get another trip arranged .Fab holiday and even better memories .


  143. Diana and Dino says:

    A big hug to Joe and all those really nice people, we met on the Southern Swing on the 29th July. We really enjoyed the time we spent together even though we couldn´t stand these sticky marshmallows. All the best to Logan and Tania from New Zealand! We really missed you guys and sadly we missed the opportunity to give you our address. It would be nice to hear from you! Cheers from Germany
    Diana & Dino

  144. Iain Cuthbertson says:

    Many thanks to Joe and Jason who were our guides on the Namibian Explorer trip in March 2007. What a wonderful experience. What a wonderful country. The memories will remain with me forever. Thanks also to the rest of the party as you all entered into the spirit of camping out in the bush. You were all so different(some were crazy!)and each of you contributed in your own way to such a successful trip.

  145. Amy says:

    Hi guys
    I took a safari with your company from Windhoek to Vic falls and it was fantastic. Cant remember exactly when it was but it finished on the 18th June 2007. Petrus and Patric were really good fun and after having been on 2 safaris in the serengeti and one in Kruger park in south africa, I can honestly say that your company was far superior in every respect. I was recommended your company by Deanna Swanney who knows Mike Godfrey and I have recommended your company to everyone I met who was going south as I headed north!Thanks again

  146. Julie, Paul, Tom and Beth says:

    Thankyou again for a wonderful holiday.
    Paul, Julie, Tom and Beth x

  147. Renate Mathers says:

    Just had another look at your website. Ian and I still remember our wonderful holiday with you in September ’05. It was just perfect. We see familiar faces in your picture gallery: Allan, Paulus, Immanuel but not Brand. Did he go go Canada after his wedding?
    Another thought: I still wonder whether my lonely bra was ever found hanging up in one of the tents!?

    We have just recommended your company to someone -
    but we hope to be back sometime ourselves.


  148. Dawn says:

    Just a note to thank Elias, Ronnie and Clayton for our fantastic trip to Etosha last winter. I fell in love with Africa and am planning my next trip back! Your guiding was superb and the animals at Etosh absolutely breathtaking. Thanks again for an experience of a lifetime!

  149. Carol & Tox says:

    Hi Wild Dod
    Just a note to thank Clifton our fab guide. We have just had a suberb 11 day tour of Namibia and Clifton made the trip for the two of us. Top guy, good company and fun, we are missing the ring tone I mean theme tune!!!!!!
    See you soon hopefully
    Cags & Tox

  150. Caroline says:

    It’s been a few weeks since I returned from a 10 day tourof Namibia and I’m pining to come back. I had THE best holiday of my life.
    Bennie and Ruben were brilliant guides and looked after me and Janet so well. I’ve never traveled solo before but felt safe all the time. I would recommend the trip to anyone looking for an African adventure – and will when I write up my travel article to be published in two UK magazines!
    Please send my love to Bennie and Ruben – I wouldn’t have made it up the sand dune without him so a big thanks to him!

  151. Axel Brandt says:

    Just meant to thank you for the great time I had on both the 3 days Etosha link and the 3 days Sossusvlei link trip. Burger and Chris were excellent guides and at least better a cook than I will ever be.
    You definetely live up to every word and promise in your marketing material. Keep up the good work. Can strongly recommend you to my folks here in Germany.

    All the best,

    A x e l

  152. Brian & Charlotte Crockford says:

    We decided to organise a "self drive" trip through Namibia and had e-mailed a number of safari tour companies with a draft itinery, requesting suggestions and prices.
    Wild Dog proved to be the quickest and most eager to assist. Their comprehensive responses to our enquiries and flexibility to accommodate our ever changing requests was precisely what we were looking for. All the accommodation we had requested to stay in was secured by Wild Dog, helping to ensure our 3 week trip to Namibia far exceeded our expectations.
    Highly recommended are Intu Africa (great dinner at the boma), Kulala Desert Lodge (stunning landscape vistas), a sunrise balloon trip over the Namib Naukluft, Damaraland Wilderness Camp (great staff, out of this world location with walks/game drives to match especially if, like us, you are lucky enough to see the Desert adapted elephant), Etosha, a light aircraft flight south out of Swakopmund (if you can stomach the effects turbulence has on a flying tin can!!), together with a day dune boarding and quad biking in the dunes outside of Swakop – which was great fun!
    Often recommended is Okonjima, which was a highlight insofar that we had a close encounter with some cheetah and spotted a leopard, but we felt it was over-priced in comparison to the other places. It also didn’t present much of an opportunity to learn about the Afri-Cat foundation, although was keen to tout for donations and possessed a slight aloofness feel to it.
    The drive from Damaraland to Swakop was staggering, albeit a slightly anxious one. The road is perfect but the absence of any life forms for most of the journey is vexxing. At least it is when you come from somewhere as crowded as Hong Kong!! For peace of mind, if you are on a self-drive, take a full jerry can of petrol and, needless to say, carry spare drinking water.
    Allan and Liz also provided us with some "value added" support when our Avis hire car had a nasty encounter with a gravel road. But that’s another story…!
    The memories will live long and we now dream of those stunning, unending landscapes.

  153. Gladys Holtz says:

    I have just finished putting our vacation photos into an album and have been reminiscing about the trip our family took with Wild Dog Safaris. We had a great time. The trip we went on with Julia was a nice mix of animal viewing, learning about the history, culture, and geology of Namibia, shopping and seeing local arts and crafts, and tasting foods we wouldn’t normally eat (like kudu, ostrich, and oryx). I was amazed at the variety and number of animals and birds we saw along the way (we kept a list) and of Julia’s knowledge of local wildlife as well as her good eye for spotting birds at a distance and recognizing what she was seeing.
    Julia made the trip fun. As a combination mother hen, Girl Scout leader and enthusiastic adventure lover, she exposed us to a lot of experiences we wouldn’t have had if we’d tried to do this trip on our own. My husband and I both appreciated her driving skill, too. We’re glad we didn’t have to do the driving while pulling a trailer over gravel roads with wild animals walking around and eager tourists wanting to photograph everything.
    Another positive aspect of the trip was coming home feeling well. On previous trips to other African countries, I’ve always come home with unexpected souveniers (i.e. intestinal parasites) that have taken weeks to treat. Namibia was a nice surprise – water you can drink without worrying and recognizable food that tastes good and doesn’t make you sick.
    We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and have already recommended your company to friends. Thanks again for a great experience in Namibia. Please thank Julia for us – she was a great guide. Gladys Holtz

  154. Brigit says:

    PIETER!!! Hoe gaan het?

    cheers, from the Netherlands.

  155. Derek and Pauline Usher says:

    It’s Sunday evening back home in England having touched down at Heathrow only yesterday morning. Needless to say after such a fantastic Namibian Adventure thanks largely to your lovely Julia we’re sorely missing both the wonderful country and all of the many breathtaking sights and sounds we’ve so recently experienced. It was our first visit to the African continent and it certainly won’t be our last now! Warn Julia that we could be coming back.It was her fault for making the whole trip so informative and enjoyable. We’d come back anyway just for the wonderful food she prepared and particularly our last night curry!! What a joy she’s been to us all. Does she ever stop smiling!!?? Thanks so very much to her and your company for providing such a brilliant itinery. We were totally ‘gobsmacked’ by Etosha and so lucky to see so much wildlife there. But everywhere we went was stunning. Tweyfelfontein, Sosussvlei, the Seal Colony, Swakopmond, Luderitz with the wonderful Schooner trip to see penguins, dolphins galore, flamingo, more seals at work and exquisite cormorant formation flying displays in between. Kolmanskop we found fascinating. Fish River was quite beautiful and our stay at Canyon Lodge was possibly one of the best stop overs! Anyway enough said. Pass on our thanks to Julia Who knows we may well return for more next year!

  156. kees vlot says:

    Het is al weer bijna 1 jaar geleden dat ik met jullie meeging (begin augustus 2001) en ik denk er nog vaak aan terug. Het was een geweldige ervaring, zo in dat uitgestrekte Namibie.


  157. Sandra says:

    Thank you very much for the great tour and the very nice birthday-party in Swakop Pieter and Burger!

  158. Peggie Robinson says:

    Hurrah for our good friend Julia who made a good holiday truly memorable. She drove us around 2,000 miles, cooked our meals introduced us to lots of lions, cheetahs and all sorts of other animals and birds through her incredible knowledge of the country and its wild life and gave us the benefit of her splendid personality and patience. Many thanks. – PEGGIE ROBINSON

  159. Liliane & Claude CARLES says:

    We just come back from a 20 days safari and our opinion could be summarized with one word: perfect.Really all was perfect from our first contact by e.mail until our comeback at the airport.
    Concerning the preparation of our trip, we did exchange a lot of mails and we asked for so many questions!! We always received very relevant and very kind answers. How kind was Liz with us! Thank you again!!
    We just reached our hotel (very good) when we had a phone call from Berger who will be our guide during 20 days and we met him 30 minutes later. For us the contact was very refreshing.
    What can we say about the following? Berger came out to be not only a guide but much more than that. By him we realy visit the country in the best meaning of this word. We learned a lot of things about the life (not only the wild life), the traditions, the history etc…. We were specialy interested by the contact with the populations and our meeting with the Himbas was unforgetable. Berger could be our son and he became a friend…
    We are not very yong and we travel through the world from many years; we found once or twice only a so good guide. And such a guide in a so beautifull country was as ideal for us.

    Liliane & Claude CARLES

  160. David & Carolyn Godfrey says:

    We have just returned from our 6 day camping safari, as shown on the BBC programme ‘Holiday on a Shoestring’. The experience of Etosha and Sossusvlei, surpassed our wildest expectations. Wild Dog Guide-Dog Burger (our guide) catered for our every need, and was absoutely wonderful. He answered all our questions, spotted the wild animals for us (we would have missed loads if we had tried to do it as a self-drive), prepared fantastic meals over the camp fire, taught us so much about Namibia, the flora and fauna, and the night sky!
    The five couples, who met as strangers, left Heathrow the following week as friends, everyone wanting to return to Namibia again. Some of us had tried the local cuisine of ostrich, crocodile, kudu and zebra when overnighting in Windhoek – recommended!
    We intend returning nex year and are recommending Wild Dog Safaris to our friends.
    Thank you, Burger and Wild Dog, for making it such an incredible and unforgettable experience.
    Carolyn and David Godfrey.

  161. Nicola says:

    Many thanks Wild Dog for a truly interesting and varied six-day trip. The biggest thanks goes to our guide Ben who had extensive knowledge, good organisational skills and a tremendous amount of patience (even with fussy eaters). This trip exceeded our expectations and would recommend to others as an exhilarating adventure.

  162. Chloe & Martin Ashby says:

    We spent the first week in June on the 7 day tour (as seen on BBC ‘Holiday on a Shoestring’). We had an absolutley brilliant time and will definatley go back again. After visiting Nepal and seeing the Himalayas, we never dreamed we’d see anything as spectacular again but I have to say that the stunning scenery in Namibia was equally as awesome.

    I would definatley recommend Wild Dog Safaris – they are very well priced and extremely organised. Our guide ‘Burger’ was very knowledgeable and passionate, all equipment was superb and the meals were great.

    The whole trip was far better than we could have imagined and we will definately use Wild Dog Safaris’ again.

    We’d just like to say thanks to our guide ‘Burger’ – he made the trip really interesting, he was very considerate and is a superb driver & cook.

    Thanks to our group also – we were very lucky to have shared the amazing experience with such a nice bunch of people.

    Book your trip NOW!!

  163. Iain Higgs says:

    It’s hard to believe it has been a whole year since we did the Northern Adventure with Wild Dog. We travelled in the company of French, Germans, Austrians and a Korean. We did
    our best to keep the cool box in the vehicle stocked with
    beer (but only for as long as it took to get it to drinking temperature) and with magnificent restraint we managed not to say, "ze beers are in ze cooler" all week. Our fellow travellers were very good company and along with Pieter, our guide, made the trip memorable.

    We had a brilliant time and the tour was excellent. The food, tents and campsites were superb and the overall package was excellent value. In fact, the "wilderness" campsite was universally agreed to be the best night. We
    hope Pieter has forgiven us for doubting that the pile of grass under a tree 200 yards off the road was in fact a cheetah.

    Namibia was beyond all expectations and we would thoroughly recommend Wild Dog and Namibia to others.

    Iain, Steve, Dave and Kevin
    Cambridge, England

  164. Sam Reynolds says:

    Dunno where this message goes, I just wanna say cheers to Thys and Pieter for a wicked 3 weeks,hope to come back next year but may have to pass on the Fish River, "saddle up" but thanks for getting us through it alive. Anyway, take care, love u long time 50 dollar, all my love, Blondie xxx

  165. Pebbles says:

    Just to say on behalf of the whole Epsom College crew a massive thanks to Thys and Pieter for a wicked three weeks, I’m already saving up to come back next year!!!! You two better have cried when we left… you promised! Also big upto Dolla!!!!! LOVE from Pebbles, Dave, Chris, Paul, Siobhan, Sarah, Suzanne, Sam, Andy, Andy, Tom, Tom, Tom, Ed Matt, Greg, Jacques and Guy!!!!

  166. maurice says:

    Hai Pieter en Steve,
    The photo of the elephant chasing us in the Delta is great, although vague (I wonder why?!). Nevertheless if you look closely, you detect a little anxiety in Pieter’s face. Hahahahaha!!!
    We really had a great time with you. Thanks again.

    greetings, Maurice & Jitske

  167. Rob Birrell says:

    Recently had a great trip on the Lodge Safari led by Elke (hope that you’ve managed to patch the trailer up!). Elke mentioned a Namibian band that were supposed to be really good. Is there any chance that someone can remind me of their name.

    I took loads of pictures on my two week trip. I should be in a position to publish them on the web soon so if you’re interested keep looking .

  168. Laurence et Magali says:

    Hello Wild dogs!
    Just few words to congratulate all your team to have made us discover how important is Africa for us. We lived a dream for 15 days, with Pieter, Stevee and a funny international team! And we hope to dream again very soon…
    Pieter, I hope you liked the pictures we sent you!
    Stevee, go and see Pieter to get some pictures!!!!
    Burger, hello from your pool partner!
    Laurence et Magali

  169. Sven Tarp says:

    Dear Wilddog
    My wife and I just came back from the 6-days tour to Etosha and Sossusvlei. It was one of the most beautiful experiences in our whole life. Namibia was a pleasent surprise for us and the very competent Wilddog guides left us with the sensation that we really learned something about Namibia, its people, history and nature. A good guide should not only take the visitors to the different places, but should also be able to explain what we are seing and have a profound knowledge of the animals, plants, geology, history and peoples of the country. Wilddog’s guides had that rare quality. We will especially like to thank Berger who was with us during whole trip and Elke who joined us in Sossusvlei.
    Thank you for an unique experience.
    Sven Tarp

  170. Anna and Martin says:

    We wish you guys a merry x-mas and a happy new year.
    We will see you at the end of the year, when we are coming on holiday.
    See you then.
    Martin and Anna

  171. Bill Rooney says:

    A friend of Allan Kirby, Dick Bakker, lives up the street from us. when he heard we were making our send trip to Tanzania, he suggested Wild Dog for something different. We will definitely keep your site in mind when we plan our next trip. All the best in 2003. Bill Rooney

  172. Natalie Boyd says:

    Best holiday of my life. I’ll be back as soon as I can afford it.
    Burger, I miss you already!

  173. tom erskine says:

    WOW! just wanted to say THANK YOU to Thys n Peiter (hope i spelt it rite lol! yeah ny ways thank u soo much u guys were so kool havnt forgotten u at all. i know pebbles has already sed thanks but i wanted to say it as well so there u go. lol!
    already plannin to come back. (im holdin u on that deal u made at the cheeter sanctury Thys!)
    sorry i havnt emailed u, i tried but i didnt work.
    ny way yeah thanks alot ill cu guys soon
    Tom "bam bam" erskine

  174. Sarah Craig says:

    Words can not express the mixture of emotions that I felt whilst on the 6 day trip. This was the most fantastic holiday I have ever had and I hope to return again soon! a week was just not long enough!
    For those who were on our trip thanks to you for making it so much fun. (We eventually got back, the passport was down her trousers!!!!!!tee hee)
    Thank you Burger (in more was than one for making the trip an unforgettable one) Lets hope the crock stops ticking soon! thanks again love Sarah and Maggie x

  175. Lynne Wallace says:

    We have had the most wonderful time with Wild Dog, you have the most enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate employee in Burger. He made the whole experience of Namibia unforgettable. Returning to work and the humdrum of everyday life is deflating, so cant wait to return. Hope you can publish the dates for next year soon so we can plan the trip in full. Plan to return with some fellow travellers who have also had the pleasure of seeing Namibia through Burgers eyes.

    Fancy the Delta and Dunes trip accompanied of course by Burger.

    Burger … I would swap you my office for yours anyday…

    Miss those starry skies and sleeping out under them. Too cold to try at home.

    Hope the crocs ticking over nicely..

    Thanks again for a great holiday. Love Lynne and Andy XX

  176. Kevin O'Donnell says:

    Thanks to all at Wilddog for a truly memorable trip around the Okanvango and Namibia. Ben and Stevie worked really hard and helped make this a trip of a lifetime – superb cooks, camp attendants, hole diggers(!) and part time mechanics – changing a trailer axle during a "free" afternoon to keep the trip on schedule! They were great…..the rest of the group were magc also – still getting withdrawal symptoms!

    Kevin O’D

  177. HELEN AND DOM says:

    To Rosta, Ursula, Claire, Paul, Nancy, Alistair and Jaap

    Dom and I had the most LEKKER week EVER! The scenery was breathtaking and our group was great (except for the red team – you know who you are!) We will treasure our memories of Namibia for years to come. Beetle man tries to communicate to the native Belgian insects, however they seem to be quite hostile over here (poor boy…it’s traumatising him you know) Claire, I have devised a special sling that can catapult large flying objects towards Kent,so beware, you might wake up one morning with a bump on your head!

    Keep in touch

    Hel and Dom

  178. Sue Philp says:

    Many thanks Wild Dog for the most fantastic 6 days holiday that I have had made all the more wonderful by Burger and the tremendous company that Kate and I were with. We all had so much fun, I have bored everyone silly at home talking about it. We are planning to come again next year, 6 days is not long enough! Sarah and Maggie, I’m so glad you got home eventually, can’t believe where the passport was!! Burger, keep an eye on that croc, time passes quickly. Much love to all at Wild Dog,

  179. Cecilia Haglund says:

    Hi Wild Dog crew!

    It’s me, Cecilia! The dark swedish chick that stayed with you for a few months of last year! I’m doing fine. Got my own flat in a new and exciting city. Not a very big city and not too small. Just perfect!

    I’m thinking a lot about you and how things are going. Wish to hear from you and to get some updates! I’m writing you now cause I just got the strangest letter posted to me from the Ministry of Home Affairs in Namibia. It said: "Your application for employment at Wild Dog Safaris has been approved for the period from this day and until February 28, 2004."

    The weird part is that I never applied for anything of the sort. Is this just a mix up from the M. of H. A. ? Well, anyhoo… if you ever want me to come and work for you for a while…

    Hope you are doing alright, business and all! Say hi to the "dawgs" from me! I miss you all!

    With love,


  180. Steve Boyd says:

    Still remembering the good time I had back in February on the camping safari. It was great sitting out under the stars having a drink with our guide Burger, and the other guides Pieter and Thys. Do any of the guides remember ‘Big Roy’ who drunk all the bars dry? I may bring him back again next year so watch out!
    Will be back with you for the third time this July on the ‘Ideal’, and my daughter Natalie will be returning in November ( you must be doing something right )! If anyone reading this is also booked on that trip, leaving 20th July, feel free to get in touch.

    Steve Boyd
    Ps if any of the guides are in or around ‘Joes’ on the 20th July, the drinks are on me

  181. cecelia williams says:

    my husband and i returned from a magical trip with a wild dog safaris. our guide was kavazembe keinuine. the three of us spent 25 wonderful days and nights traveling all over namibia. we were trilled with our vacation, we saw thousands of animals including 25 lions in etosha park. the best time of our trip was meeting the different peoples of the country including the himba, the heroro and the bushmen. our guide was patient, always kind and a wonderful friend. his knowledge of the animal life, plant life and birds was superb, his ability to speak 5 languages was invaluable. i would recommend wild dog safaris to anyone.
    cecelia and lee williams usa june 25, 2003

  182. Kathryn Chambers says:

    Great fun, larger than life guide and a fantastic adventure. I recommend wild dog Safaris without reservation.
    I just got back after a 6 day tour today and had to let you know immediately, what an unforgettable time I had.

  183. Maurice Chaplin says:

    I spent 6 wonderful days in Etosh/Namib. I highly recomend "The Wild Dog" for an informative and GREAT holiday. Many thanks to you all, especially Lynn, Maurice

  184. John & Bev Harlow says:

    A fabulous week on the Northern adventure. Memories we will treasure for ever. We were very lucky to have Clifton as our ‘Guide Dog’. He is a great ambassador for ‘Wild Dog Safaris’ and Namibia. We can’t go on any journey now without wanting to pass around lemon-cream biscuits!

  185. Benedicte says:

    CLIFFTOOOOON! Thanks for showing us the hidden secrets of
    Namibia – and thinking of the 2 norwegian girls who liked
    Had a wonderful, dusty, warm, cold, spectacular 14 days with
    "the man with a plan" – and a mixture of people from all over the place…

    Love always, Benedicte (and Kristin…) from Norway, still waiting for that wedding ring!

  186. onyeoru heremugu says:

    lovely and to the call

  187. Rupert & Adiba says:

    Dear Wild Dog Safaris,

    We would just like to say thankyou for a fantastic holiday. The tours were both excellent and both our guides Rosta and Kava were extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

    We have so many wonderful memories of your fabulous country. Thankyou again for a well organised tour, taking us to such beautiful places that we might otherwise have missed.

    Can’t wait to come back and do it all again!


    Rupert & Adiba

  188. Daniel says:

    a nice Website you have.
    The Photos from the Animals I like most.
    I have made a Site with Photos from my last Namibia-Holiday.

  189. Marbos says:

    Hi, compliments on your nice website. It looks great!

  190. Maarten van Seggelen says:

    I just came back from my 3 day trip south and 3 day trip north.

    Wild dog has given me an unforgetable experience!!! Baie dankie.

    Dead valley, elephants, lions, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, kudus, springboks, sossusvlei, sessriem. All of that in one week! great!

    Cliffton and Rosta, thank you both so much.


  191. Richard O. Hahn says:

    Mary and I send our very best wishes to you and your fantastic staff
    for a very happy 2004. We’ll see you in 2005!
    Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est.

  192. H.-J. Ulke says:

    Hi Allan, I just got Your address from Tanja, who spent 4 weeks in Windhook and other parts of Namibia. Good luck for 2004 and I woul appreciate, meeting You agan after some years without any contact.
    Best wishes from Old Germany
    Yours Hans-Juergen

  193. tobias says:

    how long time takes it to flight from sweden to namibia?
    plese answer very quick.

    From Tobias

  194. Alison Johnson says:

    I just completed the 7 day northern namibia tour and wanted to say thank you to our wonderful guides. Dirk and Emanuel made a great team, created a comfortable and humorous environment for everyone and were extremely informative. I felt spoiled with the yummy food, good company, and fantastic scenery. Thank you for hiring such fine tour guides I will definately recommend your buisness to friends based on there great job. Thanks again! Alison Johnson USA

  195. Joaquim Moreira says:

    This is my second comment on "SAFARIS". I am thinking on taking a trip tp South Africa, and look for a Safari. My goal is to vew animals to be surrond by people and sites.

  196. Kim JinSun says:

    Hello~ out there!! I’m back home,South Korea. I had such a great time with you, will never forget.Especially many thanks to Ivan, my guide, who did a great job and has a good sense of humor.
    Thanx for making me unforgettable memories.
    I hope to see you someday.
    Take care

  197. Ulla says:

    Hi there!
    Just guess how cold it is here in Finland now. It’s snowing outside and everything is white, blue and grey. I miss the colours in Namibia. Thank you for everything, I shall never forget the time I spent with you. I left my heart there. I hope I can come there again sometime.

  198. Lasse says:

    Greetings from the cold Finnish winter!
    One of my dreams came true when I visited Etosha National Park with you and saw African wild animals in my own eyes. Although we had only one day to spend there, we managed to see for example cheetah and white rhino among hundreds of other animals. Thank you for that trip, I’ll never forget it! All the best to you and Namibia!

  199. Roberto_&_Hetty says:

    Hy guys,
    I spent 2 years on Africa, but just after 1 second with you I understood to be part of Africa. My wife and I will come to Namibia because we felt wonderfull life and we left our hearts.
    Thanks for amazing tour and thanks for your organization.
    We still miss Pieter and Tuafeni, our guides and our best friends.
    Roberto & Henriette
    from Italy
    ehi Pieter ! see you to Okawango delta ??

  200. Leung Yuk Sim says:

    Having return home for months, I still remember our laugh, happiness and the food!!! in the 7 days with Cliffdon — your litte Chinese Princess.

  201. NYALA says:


  202. Jen says:

    Hey! sorry a boring message but just wondering if anyone could tell me what currency N$ is and how it converts to english pounds? just trying to figure out if I can afford a safari!! thanks!
    Jen x

  203. Mito says:

    hi Jen,

    1 British Pound is worth aprox. 12,5 Namibian dollars. Simply divide all N$ prices by 12,5 and you will get the price in pounds.


  204. Laurent says:

    I made the southern swing there is 9 month ago (in the other way) and my head is always full of nature beauty i saw. All was really fantastic from sossulsvei were we saw guides attacked by hyena, from the fantastic different landscape of the namib, from orange river to fish river canyon all was really unforgetable and a special place in my heart for the beautifull songs of the nama people.
    ForEver Thanks Wild Dog !!
    I’ll Be Back !!!!
    Namibie Pays de mon Coeur….
    Laurent – Toulouse – Sud de la France

  205. Ben C says:

    Just back and I’m saving up for the next trip!

  206. Barry Smith says:

    Fliss and I had an absolutely fabulous holiday in Namibia. Everything about it was great, from the booking to coming home. Everyone could not have done more than was done to make the holiday so wonderful.

    Wilddog were great. We were very lucky in having Dirk and Audi as our guides. Nothing was too much trouble for them. The attention to detail and their knowledge was exceptional. I can go on like this for sometime, but suffice it to say it was a holiday of a lifetime which Fliss and I will always remember. A very big thank you to all of you.

  207. Adam & Katharine says:

    Got back from the 6 day taste of Namibia tour. Had an excellent time, both Ivan and Audie were excellent guides whose knowledge and care were superb.

    Many thanks to those two and the rest of Wild Dog for the excellent week. We hope to return to see and experience more.

    Oh, and the food was also excellent! ;)

  208. Lynne and Andy Wallace says:

    Well the waiting was over and the time eventually came for us to visit Namibia once again.

    We had the most superb 18 days, the only downside was the fact we had to return home. Burger was excellent as we all knew he would be and Mattieus was a pleasure to have with us.

    We have seen all the wonderful sights we had planned for, Burger was once again the walking talking encyclopaedia and brought the itinerary alive. He entertained us all, including some impromptu clowning around.. an early bath out of the mekaro head first into the delta and the backwards somersault off his camp chair one night. Sorry Burger..

    His mechanic skills were also put to the test and he coped well with a trailer that continued to prove troublesome.

    We fell in love with Epupa falls, wow what a lost world! Well worth the long drive. The Okavango Delta was spectacular, we were so lucky to see 4 hippos that wanted to show off for us in the water. Then we also saw a hippo walking along the road the next day!

    We saw a brown hyena on the skeleton coast .. a bit of a special sighting I believe.

    The different cultures were excellent, we feel very privileged to have been able to share some time with them.

    We were all extremely impressed by the children everywhere we went, what a credit to your country.

    Well now we have the memories (along with five and a half hours of video and 450 photos) to keep us going. How do you top that though.

    Hope Burger and Mattieus managed to have a few days rest when we left, they worked hard and helped us to party hard. It certainly seems strange not getting up before sunrise and staying up after 8.30 p.m. (How quickly work dictates what life you lead when you get home.)

    We have been going stir crazy living in a house again and not having each day planned out. Have had to take lots of walks and eaten out as much as we can in between work of course.

    Sorry we didn’t get to meet you but thanks again for all the organising.

    Send our love to Burger and Mattieus.

    Lynne and Andy Wallace

  209. Carol and John Marsh says:

    we were on the tour with Lynne and Andy Wallace and can only echo their comments. We enjoyed every minute of the tour and can’t wait to return to such a fantastic country. We have some brilliant memories and hundreds of photos. Thank you Burger, Mattheus and wild dog for making it happen.

  210. Davide and Gaby says:

    Hi Liz, Allan and Brand

    We were lucky to spend 12 days with Brand during our trip in Namibia and for that we would thank Brand and the Wild Dog Safari staff. Namibia is a very amazing country, full of surprises and beauty – all the animals and the different countryside. Brand was able to show us its best in a very extraordinary way – amazing the knowledge he has and the way he explains things. Just great! Each day was for us a new discovery. It has been the first time that we didn’t only "consume" our holiday, we were able to just enjoy the moments surrounded by all that beauty. Now, even though we are not even two weeks back, we often think about this trip and we are asking us, if we did dream it or not… fortunately we haven’t, we experienced all this. You helped us to make this dream become true.

    From the first second on of our holiday we were in good hands with our travel agency A+M Africa Tours, Wild Dog Safari and Brand. Everything was just perfect organized. Thanks!

    Life has caught us up, but we will keep all the memories in our mind… for ever.

    Greetings from Switzerland

    Davide & Gaby

  211. Nicolo Pessina says:

    I took part to the 14 day tour started on sep. 17th. I had Chris as a guide and Josha as an assistant. I really enjoyed my tour that I found very well organized. In particular I want to underline the fundamental role played by the 2 guides. Both Chris and Josha are not only excellent guides, but also beautiful persons. They took care of us all the time, always kind and nice with everyone. Josha was always the last to have dinner and the first to start doing the dishes. Actually, I must say that I couldn’t find anything Chris couldn’t give an explanation for.

    I do believe that both of them have definitely contributed to make my holiday unforgettable and their presence was really added value not only for me, but for the whole group. I also believe that Josha has really great potentialities to become an excellent professional guide. As participants we gave our support to his efforts and I would also recommend Wild Dog Safaris to support him for something he really deserves.

  212. Niederhauser Verena says:

    Hello my Burger,
    Thanks a lot for the great time with you. I’m back in Switzerland, it’s cold and we have a lot of snow. Take care about my Bimbos.
    Thanks again and good luck to everybody.
    Verena from Switzerland.

  213. Christian says:

    Hi Cliffton, hi Paulus

    We often think on our Northern Adventure trip in february this year! We had a great time and wish you alles van die beeste ;-)

    Christian & Ute

  214. Debbie Shaun Andy & Louise says:

    Thanks everyone so much a long awaited holiday that will take a lot of beating cant wait to come back and do the southern swing we now know that 7 days was not enough.Burger and Samual were excellant guides and made our holiday one we will remember forever.What a beautiful country with friendly people will keep in touch we are now saving for the next trip love to you all Debbie

  215. Monika says:

    This was the best trip we have ever taken. We will definitely be back. The staff is great and so is the service. Thanks for everything!!!

  216. Damien Tibble says:

    Hi Liz

    Well, you pretty much know what I am going to say. First of all, we had an excellent safari and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. It was great to see such diversity, and although there are a couple of long driving days, these really were worth it to see the areas of the country that Wilddog has chosen. I could not fault the itinerary in any way.

    However, I would also like to express my sincere gratitude for the support party that we were given. Douw is so obviously passionate about the work he does and went well beyond what I would consider the role of the guide to be.
    He was extremely knowledgeable and not phased by any questions or anything (except perhaps the hippo), and was always eager to go just that one step further. Daleen was a real pleasure to travel with. She was equally enthusiastic throughout the whole trip, and boy, can she cook! Like Douw, I believe that she went well beyond any call of duty. Then of course there was Tuhafenny. He was an excellent assistant and extremely good company – no mean feat for someone who has done this trip so many times.

    My wife and I cannot speak highly enough of these three, and I know that the others on the trip felt the same way. It really was not like travelling with a company but with a group of friends that we have known for a long time. It was a real pleasure and a honour to spend both Christmas (for which they made even more effort by putting on a lion kill and charging elephants
    demonstration) and New Year (where we witnessed the art of bad dancing and bad cocktails) with them. We are convinced that we would like to return to Namibia sooner rather than later, and would certainly travel with Wilddog again.

    Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved.

    With kind regards
    Damien Tibble

  217. louise miller says:

    hey burger thanks alot for my hols over xmas i realy injoyed myself! say hi to samual 4 me and find that lepord

  218. Catarina Goulart says:

    Tuhafeni and Josiah, LOVED the 6 days that I spent with you traveling through Namíbia. Sossuvslei was amazing, and the elephants were super!
    Hope to return to Namíbia very soon since I’m here in Angola…
    Kisses for both of you and once again THANKS!!!
    Catarina from Portugal

  219. j gibb says:

    Thanks. I really enjoyed your site. Maybe Africa……….yours truly, j gibb

  220. Markus from Finland says:

    Tuhafeni and your new guy Charles were so great on our two week trip around Namibia. Thank You

  221. LINA ARINO says:

    Hello Liz! greetings from Seattle,Washington. Hope all is well. I am planning to come back to Namibia is September this year. I see that you have new trips. I am interested on the Botswana trip, does Lynn do these trips? I am not sure how many of my co workers are planning to come, so I will have to get back to you for reservations.By the way, where can I see the wild dogs? are they in some part of Namibia or Botswana? Thank you very, looking forward oof hearing from you.

  222. sue horne says:

    Hi Liz
    Further to my email had to add my piece here. All three safaris I did with you were brilliant and all the boys were great and added to the trip. So Raymond, Joseph Randy, Manny and Paulie, thanks a lot. Lotsaluv Mamma!!!

  223. alex gibson says:

    hi all Patrick and Rubban We had a good time.Missing the camping you cooking for 7 lady.o no 7 chicks, laughing and looking up to sky and seeing the stair patrick is they one or 7 stair winking at you? Take Care from alexandra gibson and Jackie king

  224. Tom Ryan says:

    Hi Allan and Liz,

    I’m so glad that I hooked up with your company. You were recommended by brothers Kevin and Warren. What a great operation you have. In April I did the Soussusvlei and Etosha safaris. They were great. I did another "budget" and "participatory" safari with another company in Botswana after I left Namibia, and yours was superior in all ways. Better guides, food, and equipment. Kava and Kaleb were my guides for both safaris and they were great. I felt very safe with them. Kava is an excellent driver and is very professional. The office staff was also great and took care of me. I do not have one criticism. Look forward to returning and doing another trip with you. I’m very impressed.


  225. Ashleigh Tucesku says:

    The most amazing encounters ever to be experienced in life. Thank you so much for your kindness and knowledge. I will never forget my trip to Africa thanks to Liz and Allan.

    Ashleigh from Ontario, Canada

    P.S. Allan – Uncle Rob (from Australia) says Hi!

  226. Hans R. Leutwyler says:

    We are in the mid to upper sixties and in good shape. Can you recommend your 14 days tours in Namibia. How is November for travelling?
    Thanks for your input.

  227. Rika & Hugh Boucher says:

    Just have to say thank you for the most enjoyable three weeks ever! Wild Dogs is a great company; we shall promote it here in South Africa. Your guides, Charles, Patrick and Leigh and assistants, Gabriel, Ruben and Joseph are assets to your company!We had loads of fun! Keep it up!

  228. Oriana Smith says:

    Just want to say a big thank-you to Pieter and Manni!! You were both really great and you made our trip better than any onecan imagine! If we come again next year (hopefully), I would love for you to be our guides again!! Hopefully we can stay longer next time.
    Thanks a lot
    P.S. ‘Little Dude’

  229. tamara smith says:

    hi again Piete and Manni everyone who went on the trip Me, Oriana, Stacie M, Stacey C, Antonia, Timmy, Alex, Mark, Sam forward and Sam Bedford would all like to stay in touch with you would it be possible if you could send me an email with your email address in it thank you very much Tamara xxx

  230. sarah yeoward says:

    Just to say many thanks for a wonderful 2 weeks in Namibia, thoroughly enjoyed the few days in the dunes on Patricks tour, especially the hot air balloon(just do it)
    and in the North. what can i say except are we on the right road Jaco? cheers!great fun I see there is a trip to Botswanna….who knows see you next year! Wild dogs are the best.

  231. Theo Herpers says:

    Yebo gogo Cliffton, our super guide. Thank you again for a wonderful safari through Namibia. We enjoyed it very much!
    Remember: meat is meat, men must eat and Riet is Riet!
    Is jij nog steeds verliefd??

  232. stacie mccarthy says:

    piet and manni
    hello please email either me or t

  233. Phillip says:

    Ah, you have a guest book :)

    Just writing to thank Tuafeni for being a superb guide. He did an excellent job, and was a useful window into Africa (esp. regarding the bushmen).


  234. Carol Peachment says:

    Dear Wild dog management!

    Following the Delta and Dunes trip that went out on July17th I would like to thank you for a memorable trip in so many ways.
    I feel compelled to reiterate my praise for the guides, Randy and Paulus.
    Having been on quite a few similar tours, they were outstanding in comparison. There local knowledge and clear love of the country was clear for all to see. They always conducted themselves in a very professional, calm and polite manner. I had every confidence in their ability, even when unexpected problems arose. It was comforting to know that they had our safety very much in their minds.
    What really made the trip was the fantastic relationship they had. The fun and humour that they shared was infectious, and it lifted everybodies spirits even on the longest journeys! They were both the warmest of hosts who took great pride in their culinary expertise – which was terrific!
    Finally I must congratulate them on the little things that they did which could have gone by unnoticed. Their perception of our needs on long journeys. A toilet or drink stop never had to be requested and a timely sweet would always perk you up. The need for a beer at the end, before putting up the tents was always a hit! They respected everybody they met and they were clearly well liked wherever we went. Food was never wasted but left for local people, whilst rubbish was always picked up whether ours or not! They listened to us and a treat at dinner or breakfast would sometimes appear, whether it be apple crumble or eggs and beans!
    They really were great ambassadors for your company and indeed your country.
    Anybody that goes on a trip with either of them, or even both will leave with a smile on their face and a host of happy memories.

    Thank you for the adventure

  235. Richard Scrase says:

    Dear WildDog
    Have just completed the most fabulous 14 day tour of Namibia. I have done several of these sorts of trips before and this one rates with along the very best.

    Your team of Tuhafeni & Joss and then Tuhafeni & Kaleb were fantastic and so hard working – up before dawn to sort our breakfast, packing away the tents, driving for 6 hours and then setting up camp and cooking dinner. What a team you have in these guys!

    All in all, it was a top quality trip – hopefully I’ll be back – I still need to see Chobe and the delta.

    Cheers from London!

  236. Jantine Schreuder says:

    Hi everyone!
    It’s already more then a year ago we went on two tours (north & south) with Wild Dog Safaris. We had a great time! We will definately do this again, once we’re back from Australia and New Zealand.
    Thanks again for those wonderfull tours!

    Jantine & Klazina.

  237. steef en jennieke bolier says:

    Terug in Nederland realiseer je je pas wat een geweldige ervaring het is om 7 dagen door Namibie ter trekken.
    De 7 daagse noordelijke route was een goede keus.
    Mede door de goede begeleiding van Allan( een goede chauffeur,reisleider en gids, hij wist werkelijk alles van het land,de natuur en het wild) en onze helper en kok Emanuel is het voor ons een onvergetelijke reis geworden.

  238. Neil Harding says:

    A group of 4 of us completed the Fish River Canyon Hike on the 4th – 8th September. An amazing experience. Guide Jaco and assistant Mathew were simply the best ! Thanks too, to Liz for her help and avice prior to, and after the Hike. I have no hesitation in recommending Wild Dog to anyone planning a similar trip. Thanks to you all ! The blisters have gone now – so all I have to remind me of the hike are about 200 incredible photos. Keep up the good work – I will be back for more ! Stig, The Baron, A.B de Mille, and Gadget.

  239. Roni Hasid says:

    We,Roni&Ran Hasid,from Israel,took the 12 days tour. It was the most beautiful and interesting tuor that we ever make, and we travel a lot.Thank you for everything.

  240. Stacey Clements says:

    Hi Piet and Manni, how are you

  241. Amanda Hak says:

    What a top week! Really enjoyed the Northern Safari and can’t wait to go back to tour the south. Thanks to Julius and Joseph and the other group for making the week so memorable.
    Kind regards

  242. anne says:

    Had the best holiday ever on the 7 day Northern Trip Tahys and Emanuel were just fantatic – Thanks Guys

  243. Ana says:

    Two years since me and my other four girl friends came to Namibia and were picked up from the airport by Peiter. Remember VAMOS? and playing BURRO?

    We always remember you and your beautifun country. Thankyou!!!!

  244. Craig Kitto says:

    Do you remember us. My wife stephanie and I did a seven day trip through Etosha and coast Connie the German lady, Jens the german guy and you in March 2003. I still ahve photos of the Pygmy falcon which i mant to send to you. If you want to give me an email i will forward photos etc to you. Namibia is a fantastic country and lives on in our memories.

  245. Peter says:

    hey..guys..I was on the northern safari beginning
    of this year with the guides raymond and paulus.
    Just wanna say thanks for this impressive tour.
    I won`t forget my namibian trip for sure !
    Take care and show as many as you can the wonderful namibian landscape and animals !
    See ya

  246. Koji Fujiwari says:

    This trip must be one of the most impressive experiences of my life!! Thank you.

  247. HUB METRY says:


  248. Ajit Rana says:

    My fondest memories of my trip to Southern Africa was my camping trip to Sossusvlei. It was a great gang and we had a super guide. Thank you Julia for your efforts and good company.

  249. Greg Slater says:

    Hi guys, thanks for everything on the tours. The food was great, the equipment and the locations. I had a great time. I’ll look you up if I ever get back to namibia.

  250. Steve Nott says:

    We really enjoyed our Delta and Dunes tour and our guide looked after us perfectly. Looking back, I enjoyed most of all the time we spent going through Botswana into the Delta and up into the Okavango region when the feeling of the wildness of the country and of being close to nature is the strongest. I especially liked the time we spent next to and on the Okavango river – it’s big and rich and full of life with hippos on the edges, crocodiles in midstream and river deer awaiting a chance to swim across. There were fish eagles at every bend – they were wonderful, and at N’kwazi Lodge in the North we had a truly unforgettable sunset looking across the river to the horizon.

  251. JAMES W. LUNAN says:

    Allan & Liz,
    I can hardly wait to see you.
    Your Web-site is great!

  252. Martin & Anna says:

    We just want to say hi to all our Wild Dog friends. We’re doing fine here in the Low Lands. Martin has got himself a good job and we’re finally making some money. Anna is comming back on the 12th of june. Hope to see you all soon.

    Anna & Martin

  253. Allan Larson says:

    Thanks to Wilddog and Burger for an amazing 12 days. The attention to detail and personal safety meant a lot to us. We packed in so many memories, it is mindboggling. Remember when approaching lions: No sudden movements. Highly recommended versus the cattle car tours. This felt personal.
    Allan and Christina Larson

  254. Sally Gear says:

    I was extremely fortunate to have had such an experienced guide which added to the ‘value’ of my trip. The places visited are all incredible in different ways and ending up at lovely Swakopmund is such good planning! Thankyou, I’ll be back!
    Sally Gear

  255. Selwyn and Monika Berg says:

    Particular appreciation to Pieter and Burger who showed us a great time. The meals of Pieter and the camp-bread of Burger were always right-on after a day of activity. Though my wife and I were over twice as old as the rest of the group, we had no trouble sharing in all the activities and accommodating the schedule. The equipment was substantial and easy to manage and the bus was also quite comforatble. Though you do this all the time, for us – it is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. Your efforts made it a memorable one.

  256. Tony says:

    Wild Dog goes above and beyond. When I couldn’t work my schedule to join them for a tour in Etosha, Liz and Allan spent hours with to help me create my own! Then, I joined them in Sossousvlei, which was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Unforgettable scenery, a great group, friendly, soft-spoken, professional guide – just a perfect trip. Namibia should be on everybody’s "life list", and Wild Dog is a great way to go.

  257. Catherine Carney says:

    My travelling companion and I had the very good fortune to be told about Wild Dog Safaris when we were planning a trip to Namibia, from a considerable distance, namely Ireland. All was done by e-mail and a truly wonderful holiday was custom built for us with one of their splendid guides, Leigh Stafford. We felt that Wild Dog Safaris very successfully understood the kind of trip we wanted and they certainly delivered. We found them in every regard to be excellent – efficient, prompt and delightful to deal with. We have recommended them at every opportunity so that others might enjoy a remarkable country through their expertise, as they cater for many different types of safari. We would love to travel with them again.

  258. Sean Moore says:

    I must endorse Catherine’ previous comments. Have just been very fortunate to have Leigh guide us on a 15 day Dune & Delta trip. The itinary is stunning, especially the wldlife. The organisation, unlike some other tour companies we saw, was excellent. Leigh also conjures up some pretty mean camp food too. Tuhafeni provied a very able camphand (good luck with your driving test). Look forward to returning again to Namibia some time in the future.

  259. Doble family says:

    A fantastic experience, we loved every minute. Our guide made our trip into the holiday of a lifetime, we will be back!

  260. Silvia Canudas Pons says:

    Dear Liz,
    or dear wild dog,
    I’ve just arrived from Namibia and South africa and I’m very happy remembering all my holidays and, of course, especially my 7 days trip with Wild dog. It was wonderful, the group got on very well ( I suposs that french, spanish ,…feel good together) and the guide, Thys, made us feel very well. He is an excellent cooker and in adittion he is a nice, funny and very friendly person so the trip was a succesful and of course the animals
    from Etosha was like a dream so I only write this words to you to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Very kind regards


    P.D. I’ll recomend to all my friends Wild Dog so I hope that you will continue with your fantastic work.
    If I’ll get any good picture I will send you,.O.K.?

  261. Judith says:

    I always visit the homepage and very very often I think of the route which we made. it’s over one year ago but I still miss Namibia and wish I could be there.

  262. Mark and Jane Nutley says:

    Just a quick note to say thanks to you & the guys for the great trip. We enjoyed every aspect of the trip, (including the unscheduled events which only added to the experience).

    Can you pass on my thanks again to Thys & Tuhafeni who were excellent guides & lots of fun throughout. I would definitely recommend Wild Dog Safaris to any one who is interested in visiting Namibia, & hopefully we will get the opportunity to come back in the not too distant future.

    Cheers again for everything

  263. Klaus Jan and Bianca says:

    Dear Wilddogs,

    we are now again at home at the Netherlands after spending 4 weeks in Southern Africa. We had a great time there. We did two tours with Wilddogs and they were absolutely fantastic. First we did the Sossusvlei-tour (August, 29th )and next the Etosha-tour (September 1st). Both tours were very well organized, good food and camping equipment, and with Pieter (we were lucky to have him as a guide on both tours) we had a very good guide. He could tell us much about the country, the animals, plants etc, it was interesting to receive such information.

    Wilddogs and Pieter, thank you for the tours, we have very much enjoyed them. And Pieter, you were right Biltong is delicious. Unfortunately, this morning I have eaten my last ‘stokkie’.

    Wishing all the best to you