Katutura Bicycle Tour

Experience the lively streets of Katutura


Experience the lively streets of Katutura in a new exciting and environmentally friendly way. KatuTours offers guided tours by bike through the culturally and historically rich township of Katutura, Windhoek’s former ‘blacks only’ suburbs during Apartheid rule.Experience the vibrant soul of Windhoek from the immediacy and intimacy of a bicycle and get a taste of Namibia that you could never have from a car.

The tour departs from Penduka Project at Goreangab Dam. From there we cycle to the lively market of Single Quarters and we get a taste of the famous local kapana before we head of to the bustling Eveline Street – the street that never sleeps.

Passing Katatura’s shanty-towns we journey to the tranquillity of Penduka, where local women produce superb handcrafts, ranging from traditional wares to contemporary textiles. This is the ideal place to do your Namibian gift shopping.

The last stop on our journey is on the shore of Goreangab dam where we stop for a bite to eat and to hear a live performance of traditional Owambo music from the north of the country.

  • Duration of tour: 08h30 till approx. 13h30
  • Included: Bicycle and equipment, Guide and Oshikundu (local drink at the market).
  • Guests need to make their own way to Penduka from where the tour starts; this can be arranged by Wild Dog Safaris.

Tour dates

Tour dates on request


Price per person starting from $750

minimum 2 people


no upgrade available